Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Deandre TOWERS & Cari JENKINS (Armed Robbery and Conspiracy)

On January 3, 2021, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol of Assembly Row. At approximately 12:02pm, I was dispatched to La Quinta Inn & Suites located at 23 Cummings St for the report of a robbery.

Officer Mackenzie Richardson (East 1), Randy Isaacs (East 2), Officer Keith O’Donnell (East 4), Officer Dylan Lambert (Sector East), and Lt. Sean Sheehan (Sierra 9) also responded.

Upon arrival, I met with the victim in the lobby. He identified himself as XXXX (d.o.b. XXXX) and stated to me that he was “set up”. I observed XXXX to have swelling around his mouth, and his front teeth appeared broken. XXXX declined medical attention, and his injuries were photographed. XXXX stated he lives in Springfield, but spent last night at a friends house in Lawrence. He stated he began conversing with a female on the Snapchat app. During the conversation, the female provided XXXX with her cell phone number to continue having a conversation. XXXX then showed me his phone where the female invited him to visit her at the hotel located at 23 Cummings St, 5th floor.

XXXX stated he drove to the hotel this morning, and the purpose of the trip was to “chill and smoke”. XXXX met the female in room 509. He stated the two were “chilling by candle light and smoking blunts”. XXXX also informed me he had removed his clothing down to his t-shirt and boxers at this point. At this point, there was a knock at the door, and the female got up to open it. XXXX stated the first male came in the room asking XXXX what he was doing with his wife, and began a physical altercation. During the altercation, XXXX stated he had this male individual pinned up against the wall, and then the female began striking him. While XXXX attempted to defend himself, the a second male suspect entered the room and engaged in the altercation. At one point the male has his hand in the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and threatened to “light this motherfucker up”. XXXX believed this male had a gun in his pocket. XXXX stated to the suspects, he wanted to grab his belongings and leave.

XXXX stated he was able to grab his sweatshirt and one shoe and began to make his way out of the room. One of the suspects threw his other shoe at him. XXXX then made his way down to the lobby where he asked the staff to assist him, who called 9-1-1. XXXX stated to me that the suspects took $1,000 (consisting of 50, $20 bills), and unknown amount of marijuana, his wallet, and his Newport cigarettes. Most of his belongings were inside a small black bag with a strap.

While I was interviewing XXXX, the staff alerted that the possible involved parties were exiting the hotel via a rear door and were walking around the back of the hotel. Officer O’Donnell, Lambert, and Isaacs encountered the individuals on the side of La Quinta in the parking lot. I responded outside and observed Officer O’Donnell speaking with the male suspect, later identified as Deandre Towers. I asked the female suspect to step away from the other suspect so I may have a conversation with her. She identified herself as Cari Rene Jenkins (d.o.b XXXX). Jenkins stated she was a visitor from San Diego, CA. I asked Jenkins when she arrived and she stated “I think yesterday”. I asked if she had rented a room at the hotel, and she responded “I think I did”. I asked her what transpired today, and she stated she didn’t know. From here on out, she responded with “I don’t know” to all of my questions.

Officer O’Donnell relayed to me that Towers was a truck driver who was preparing to travel south with a load in the morning. Tower’s truck was parked in the back of the hotel (photographs attached). Towers alleges 4 males attempted to rob his wife, Jenkins, of her purse in the parking lot of the hotel. Towers could not provide a description of the suspects but stated they appeared to be members of the Bloods gang. Both suspect’s denied being in the presence of anyone else. Towers stated they were staying in room 527 in the hotel. I confirmed with management that 527 was vacant.

I relayed the information that I had gathered to LT. Sheehan, and determined we needed to respond to room 509 and conduct a protective sweep for the 3rd suspect who is possibly armed with a firearm. Staff provided us with a key card, and we knocked and announced our presence before keying into the room. No suspect was located in the room, however while conducting the sweep we observed the candles as XXXX described, fresh damage to the heater/air conditioner and wall consistent with a physical altercation, and a small bag that matched the description of the bag XXXX claimed was taken.

I returned to the lobby and had XXXX complete a voluntary statement form about the incident. I then provided XXXX with a Show-Up Identification Checklist form, and reviewed it with him. XXXX initialed next to each line to state he understood the instructions. Officer Lambert and Isaacs were outside in the side parking lot that abuts the Route 93 northbound off ramp. The suspects were not handcuffed, standing together, and facing the hotel. There were no visible police vehicles from our vantage point. I had XXXX look out a window which was 15 feet away from the suspects. XXXX stated “Those are two of them”. I alerted Officer Lambert that the identification was made, and to place them under arrest.

I returned to the suspects and learned that Officer Lambert attempted to read the suspects their Miranda warnings multiple times, but Towers explained he already knew and understood his Miranda warnings. I was alerted that 51, $20 bills totaling $1,020 was located in the right pocket of Towers clothing. I attempted to read Towers his Miranda warnings again, which he refused. I then informed Towers and Jenkins they were being placed under arrest for Armed Robbery and Conspiracy. Officer Ryan Sullivan transported the suspects in the prisoner transport vehicle to the Somerville Police Station where they were booked by Lt. William Rymill. The cash was seized as evidence and logged into the system.

I informed management that a possible third suspect was still outstanding and if anyone attempted to enter room 509 they should call 9-1-1 immediately.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Tim Van Nostrand
Somerville Police Dept.

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