If You Are Still Undecided On Somerville’s Mayoral Race, You Need to Read This Article..

By Richard Scirocco

After much deliberation of the public, only one person stands out that can protect the rights of all without discrimination. One candidate can work with all classes. The others have been exposed for fraudulent leftest activist puppets of Joe Curtatone who can’t run for the Mayors position himself for legal reasons. So Joe coerced three others into representing him. If your choosing one of them then you should do your due dillegence and ask what they were promised behind closed doors. These individuals have never represented the best interests of the public but only themselves, and will follow what they are told to do if elected.

Katjana Ballantyne has proven to be a rubber stamp and her own husband boasted on how she was to be the next mayor once Joe left, continuing the corruptive actions and violations to the citizens. She reduced the low income from 20 percent down to 12 percent then claims she wants to help.

Will Mbah has also been the same rubber stamp for Curtatone who has not proven himself any type of leader and abused city services for his own personal gain. When called out he denied it and could not prove otherwise to defend himself without claiming he was discriminated against.

Mary Cassesso worked in several jobs over decades provided by favors earned through her father and had to retire from CHA because of her indiscrepencies and abuse complaints which if we’re followed through would have convicted her for abuse to both patients and fellow workers. These are the LEFT choices that will only continue the Curtatone reign. William B. Tauro is the only RIGHT choice. He has a proven history for more decades than all of the other candidates for assisting the public in and out of the Chamber Hall. His dedication to interact and provide help for those less fortunate earns him the right to your vote! Billy

NEVER sat back and collected a paycheck for his good deeds, and will continue his efforts and work hard with the people, for the people, providing to the people. His open personality and his open door policy makes him very approachable . He gives straight answers and provides assistance every time he is spoken to. His dedication to the city cannot be challenged by any other candidate.

VOTE TAURO for Mayor. FIRST ON THE BALLOT! He is the common sense candidate and the ONLY RIGHT CHOICE…

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