By William Tauro

At about 3:45 PM on Wednesday, September 8 residents of 480 Mystic Avenue in Somerville reported what appeared to be sounds of gunshots. Witnesses at the scene told us that they heard five to six gunshots fired within a two minute timeframe.

Somerville police officers responded to the scene and were observed searching for bullet casings throughout the area which includes a church and a convenience store.

480 Mystic Avenue is a private development where dozens of families reside with many young children playing in the parking lot at any given moment.

Another witness at the scene told us “This is the third shooting in this development since April.” She continued and said “That the city does nothing about it when they complain and nothing is ever done about it and that police patrols are very few and far apart and that city hall just doesn’t care about us.”

This story is still developing while this police investigation continues.

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