“Measure twice and cut once” Doesn’t Apply In Somerville Apparently?

By William Tauro

“Measure twice and cut once”

It’s an old saying but it must not apply in Somerville! Perfectly brand new sidewalks and streets about to be dug up again only months after being completed because of water line repair installations of the entire street.

Why didn’t somebody think of making these installations before all the pavement and cement work was completed? Why don’t we ask our city Councilors especially my two opponents who are in charge of making these types of costly decisions?
It’s time for change! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

One thought on ““Measure twice and cut once” Doesn’t Apply In Somerville Apparently?”

  1. Dumb asses! It comes out of our taxes as well! They leave the bad roads untouched and unrepaired while the recently paved roads are being ripped open again .

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