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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville! Happy Birthday to Savanna Rose Capaviella, Tony Nargi, Vanessa Zappala, Elizabeth M. Fiore, Ray Snow, Franky Tii, Anthony Laventure Nutter, Mark Febbi Sr., Iona O’Brien, Annmarie Spinetti, Frank Morgan, Paulo De Souza, Danielle Scrima, Al Nevaras, Chris McLean, Amy Long, Carol Toomey, Maninder Singh, Debbie Mains, Frank Pasquarello, Johnny Catherine, Shirley Foley, Mike Legee, Lenny Silva, Philip Mitza (Reverend), David Taft,

Jennifer Toner, Fatima Faria DeChaves, Jeanne DiNardo, William Cunningham, Danny McLaughlin, Medford Mayor Breanna Lungo-Koehn, Marsha Cook, Kevin Tavares, David Miele, Susan Wessick, Nicholas Kostas, Patrick Rivieccio, Peter Bishop, Richie Masterson, Jessica Ann Saulnier, Kristen DiChappari, Jeff Zuccaro, Ronald Doncaster, Jaimie Stanton, Geo Fiasco, Charles Roche, Mark Murdza (Murda ), Tim Morine, Francesco Ingraiti (Franco Valeria Ingraiti), Joe Hickey, Tara O’Regan Burns, David White, Lino Sorabella, Danny Needham, Kimberly Zuccaro Biagiotti, Bobby Evans, Bobby Addison, Marilyn Walsh, James Cunha, Nicole Sullivan, Jose Braga, Alan Khazei, Conor James Murphy, Madeline Scimemi Vernon, Kevin Fitzgerald, TJ Chella, Sammie H. Ally, George D. Perry, Kevin Mcdevitt, Bruce Doak, Patrick Courtney, Joe Hickey, Kevin Andrade, Libby Earle, Shelly A Legee (Shelz), Patrick Dempsey, Barbara Vozella, Fran MacDiarmid Flavin, Tara DiRusso, Marilyn Judd-Fitzmaurice, Albie Alvarez-Cote, John Hunt, Jim Pitcher, George Vendetti, Dee Tauro, John Gore, Russell J. Smithe Sr., Helen Irish Mahoney, Lisa Goodwin, Dan Rogovich, Mark Williams, Paul Dervartanian, John E Valentino, Giovanni Taro DiGiustini, William Donovan, Auditi Guha, Diane Gentile, Happy 53rd Birthday to Eileen McMahon Woods, Happy 78th Birthday to Frank Santangelo “JR.”, Happy 21st Birthday to Lauren Reilly, Happy 50th Birthday to Tommy V. Haines, Happy 93rd Birthday to Bessie Lonero, Happy 93rd Birthday to Mary Villa Paulia, Happy 40th Birthday to Amanda Legaski and thank you to cute little firefighter Frederick Legaski for entertaining us!

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