Taking Steps for a Clean and Honest Somerville Election

Throughout the past nine months, I have made it clearly public that I intend to run for the Mayoral position. To date we have over 700 plus individual sign and banner locations across the city on different properties, and well over 100 volunteers to assist with our good deeds.

People have had plenty of time to express their public intentions over the last half year. With the newest addition to the race raises some concerns amongst the general public opinions. The obvious actions would be that my new opponent Mary Cassesso has only entered the race after being coerced by Joe Curtatone’s administration. Joe has become ineligible to continue so he needs a puppet to continue his activities. This assurance can only lead to one conclusion. That would be a corrupted election in the works. We have heard and seen firsthand multiple elections throughout the United States that were manipulated by people making deals behind the scene. Some were caught, some were Not! 
For Mary to jump into a race at this point without any prior indications this far behind, speaks volumes of a behind closed doors deal. We will be ever vigilant in making sure that Somerville Election Commissioner Nick Salerno does the right thing but to be sure of a clean election, we should recommend that identification of voters by identification should be enforced.

More to come on this story as it develops…

My Outline for a Greater Somerville by William Tauro

My Outline for a Greater Somerville by William Tauro

To learn more about my campaign, join our campaign or to contribute please go to Williamtauro.com

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