Real Life Somerville Police Stories:RECEIVE STOLEN PROPERTY +$250 c266 S60


On Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 2:15 A.M., I was travelling east on Pearl Street near the intersection of Cross street when I observed a black Ford Ranger pick-up traveling west on Pearl street, the vehicle had no front license plate. As I drove passed this vehicle, I observed a bike rack mounted to the rear of the vehicle, obstructing the rear license plate.


The operator made a left turn onto McGrath Hwy. I followed the vehicle and activated my emergency equipment and stopped the vehicle at the intersection of McGrath Hwy and Medford Street. When I exited the cruiser, the operator proceeded to move forward. I returned to my cruiser and stopped the vehicle again at the corner of McGrath Hwy and Greenville Street.


I informed Somerville Police control of my location, Sergeant Ward, Officers Beckford and Souza responded as backup. I approached the vehicle and asked the operator (who was later identified as Mr. Harold Moreira) for his license and registration and informed him of the reason of the stop.


When Mr. Moreira handed me his license and registration, he appeared very nervous and was sweating profusely. I looked at the steering column and observed the cover to be missing, and the wiring was exposed. I asked Mr. Moreira how is he related to the owner of the vehicle and he stated that it belonged to his mother. Mr. Moreira provided me with the owner’s name and did not know her date of birth.


I also observed a large amount of construction tools in the bed of the truck. I asked Mr. Moreira what he does for work and he stated to me that he works in a body shop. I asked him to name the items located in the back of his truck and tell me what he uses them for. Mr. Moreira was only able to name few items and did not know the brand names. I asked Mr. Moreira about a large wire spool that has a label on it facing up and in plain view with the name (WSK Washington Street, Somerville, MA.) Mr. Moreira stated that some of the items belong to his friend.


I recognized that White Skanska Kiewit (WSK) is conducting work in the city of Somerville as part of the Green Line extension project. WSK has work sites in Somerville, one of them is located at Washington street, less than one half mile from where I initially observed Mr. Moreira. Additionally, I had knowledge of at least two incidents of larceny from construction sites within the past week. The items in the back of Mr. Moreira’s pick-up truck were consistent with items stolen in the past.


At this point I placed Mr. Moreira under arrest for receiving stolen property and possession of burglarious instruments. The pick-up truck was towed to the Somerville Police Headquarters, and conducted an inventory of all items. Mr. Moreira was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Melo, and booked by Lieutenant Lavey.


I located a plastic cup filled with an alcoholic beverage in the cup holder. I issued citation# R6632050 to Mr. Moreira for failure to display a license plate, and open container and placed it in his property.



Respectfully submitted,



Officer Samir Messaoudi


Somerville Police Dept.


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  1. Mr. Moreira has been operating under the influence for years, and has recently added grand larceny while high on crystal meth, to his portfolio of services. How many more arrests will it take before this man is put away behind bars for good, where he belongs?

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