Somerville’s Davis in Distress

By Jack Connolly

Whether you’re new to Davis Square or a lifetime long-timer, it is obvious something is not right; On-street parking on Elm St. gone, restaurant tables and chairs in the street, Dunkin’ Donuts closed, empty storefronts on Elm St., the Somerville Theatre closed, most due to the scourge of the COVID-19 virus.
More obvious to most is the presence of a rude, loud obnoxious, non-mask wearing crew who have taken up residence and established a 24 hour base of operations opposite the Davis Sq. Redline entrance outside of the 7-11 (formerly Tedeschi’s and originally the Store 24).
If you around Davis Sq. at all, you are likely nodding your head now, and know that most of the encamped folks have ‘issues’ such as alcohol and drug abuse, mental health problems, many are homeless, some sleeping on the edge of the walkway From Holland St. T stop entrance between Somerville Theater and Seven Hills Park; Some Davis area residents refer to the crew as the triple D’s, aka the Davis Drunks, & Druggies..

Coping with COVID has been a struggle for our Davis Sq. businesses, and the worry of restaurants keeping open with outside dining And limited takeout as cold weather approaches Is their primary concern ;Having customers harassed and heckled approaching or leaving shops on the plaza and throughout the Square is not what they, or what Davis Sq. needs now, or ever.

Where are the cops?
Not wanted there apparently; The Somerville Police budget was cut dramatically by Somerville city councilors, many who prefer to have a City of Somerville health or human service staffer deal with these miscreants, rather than a uniformed police officer who possess weapons.

How well do you think that is working out?

Seems to me that the familiar and effective ‘Somerville Police’s prior ‘park, walk, and talk’ and bike patrol programs have been suspended for the time being; What to do?

Call/text, email, tweet, or post to Somerville Mayor and City Councilors, especially Ward Six Councilor Lance Davis and the Somerville Councilors at Large (see official contact info below)

MAYOR Joseph A. Curtatone 130 Ten Hills Road, 02145 (617) 776-5159 MAYOR@SOMERVILLEMA.GOV

CITY COUNCIL AT LARGE: Wilfred N. Mbah 65 Woods Avenue, 02144 (508) 718-8126 ALDERMANMBAH@GMAIL.COM AT LARGE: Mary Jo Rossetti, Vice President 80 Electric Avenue, 02144 (617) 623-0092 MJROSSETTI@SOMERVILLEMA.GOV AT LARGE: Kristen E. Strezo 333 Great River Road #361, 02l45 (617) 209-9915 STREZOATLARGE@GMAIL.COM AT LARGE: William A. White, Jr. 3 Elm Street #1, 02143 (617) 625-9110 COUNCILORWHITE@GMAIL.COM
WARD 1: Matthew McLaughlin, President 28 Mt. Vernon Street #2, 02145 (617) 999-0924 MATTFORWARD1@GMAIL.COM WARD 2: Jefferson Thomas (“J.T.”) Scott 269 Washington Street, 02143 (857) 615-1532 JTSCOTT@SOMERVILLEMA.GOV WARD 3: Ben Ewen-Campen 16 Aldersey Street, 02143 (617) 702-2613 BENFORWARD3@GMAIL.COM WARD 4: Jesse Clingan 33 Puritan Road, 02145 (617) 290-1904 ALDERMANCLINGAN@GMAIL.COM WARD 5: Mark Niedergang 29 Conwell Street, 02143 (617) 629-8033 MNIEDERGANG@SOMERVILLEMA.GOV WARD 6: Lance L. Davis 356 Highland Avenue, 02l44 (857) 261-1909 LANCEDAVISWARD6@GMAIL.COM WARD 7: Katjana Ballantyne 49 Russell Road, 02144 (857) 928-6852 KATJANA@KATJANA.ORG

Let your elected officials know that something needs to be done about this new encampment to assist Davis sq. area residents, businessowners, merchants, who are already bearing the burden of the Covid-19 restrictions, the infrastructure decay (see and the major reduction in foot traffic to Davis Square.

Tell them to help the Davis sq. homeless, enforce the noise and disturbing the peace ordinances, dissuade drinking beer and wine on public property, with whatever City services available: Might be a good idea to include the Somerville Police, who are on-duty 24/7.
I wonder how many health and human service staff are working night and weekends?

Tell your elected officials not to let the decades of work and the never-ending quest of elected officials, dozens of activists, local residents, citizens, and small business owners ( all who joined forces monthly as the Davis Sq. Task Force) and lobbied to plan, build, and open the Davis Redline T stop back in 1984, go to waste; Remember when Davis Sq. was known as ‘the Paris of the Nineties’ ?

Now is the time to get going, pull together, and do whatever necessary to prevent what may be known as the Davis Sq. Disaster.

Jack Connolly

Editors’ note: Jack Connolly is a native Somervillian, a Davis Sq. resident and insurance agent: He is also a former Somerville Ward Six and At Large Alderman ( known now as City Councilor).

12 thoughts on “Somerville’s Davis in Distress”

  1. Arthur,

    His last 2 challengers for the mayoral race were no match for what ailes this city. Both unknowns. In terms of politics, Here it is controlled on the inside. I’m guessing one of the councilors might run in order to maintain this evil empire. The statehouse doesn’t want him from what I heard by a reliable source. Many local politicians in other towns especially suburbia will not accept the liberal fascist cult or the mayor’s brutal dictator tactics and, “its all about me and mine, screw everyone else, I ruin their life if they expose who i really am”. Unfortunately, for us, we live too close to surrounding colleges who are brainwashed by extreme liberal professors and groups within these institutions. They have showed up at city meetings disrespecting former politicians who made our city strong and productive. It wasn’t perfect, but never decadent and chaotic like this! Obviously, they flock here because they get to paint on city streets, drink in bars in Davis Sq., until dawn, disrupt our way of life and demand rent control , transfer tax, festivals, we pay for and it’s how the mayor lures them in. By the way. Many of their parents are also investing in condos and making donations to the mayor. It’s a win win all around except for the working class residents who pay all the bills. The only explanation is they were raised by nannies or wolves, spoiled, left alone, absentee parent households, desperately seeking attention and boundaries no one provided and love. Could you actually imagine a statehouse filled with these degenerates? Don’t forget all the jobs for favors, disastrous. Money can’t by everything, and respect is at the top of that list. Look at NY and who runs it. San Francisco, CA……need I say more?

  2. We have a little over a year left to put up with this. This is the last term for the mayor. So possibly he will be better off this time not running. I am sure he will have some rewarding job waiting for him. I know it’s early yet but so far I know two council members will be out. I am hoping once people know about those more will step up. This paper will at least let you state your opinion. The other one you may sneak one in now and then. I have seen much in the very many years here and this is the worst. Right now what we need is more people running for council seats. 2021 it has to end.

  3. Arthur,

    I would like to make another important point regarding how this city got into this mess and how gentrification perpetuated the greed and home and condo rapid flipping number of years ago. The elite liberals from the burbs rushed in to buy and flip properties so they could go back to the burbs to buy homes and raise families. The flipping was allowed every 3-6 months. One tenant said he had 7 landlords in 5 years, each time rent soared. One commenter on the rag, said gentrification is caused by the market. But it can be controlled. My comment disputing her statement was omitted. I posted days ago. Someone is reading here and reporting back. They must hate the traction this paper gets– Good! They are all about protecting the mayor and some of the college grads who’s parents make donations. That’s what will happen with the new high-school more useless jobs by more trolls. Other towns controlled gentrification from taking over their towns, not ours. Its been the biggest SELL OUT of its time due to unbridled GREED and self promotional political ambition by this unstable mayor. I hope the US Attorneys office continues its probe.

    By the way, the rag which is controlled by city hall, and butt kissing business owners who spew hatred in the same article towards Jack and locals who state the truth, many working hard to maintain their homes, rentals,, and businesses — same rag stalls, doesn’t post alternative views because it’s now dominated by the mentally challenged liberal cult.

    It was controlled years ago and former editor by orders from mayor and his trolls. Many of the new businesses trying to push out the long-time businesses owners have been using college grants and parents money. If it fails, oh well, just start up again, change it’s name, who cares its only taxpayer money wasted.

    I’m hearing there are many new vacant apartments and condos still sitting on the market. The word is out. No one wants to move here to a fema camp where you have no rights and freedom of speech. Instead, you are forced to pay the never ending increases only if you go along with their extremist liberal agenda. Increased taxes, water and sewer (when system is over capacity from over building), excessive ticketing for BS while their friends don’t pay for anything. It’s definitely reminiscent of what my family endured in WWII Mussolini Hiltler. What they did to Magoun Sq., is disgusting. Not surprising many have moved out to live in towns that have zero tolerate for this lunatic liberal mob. There was no reason our city extended the closing while other towns opened.. Testing positive for covid does not equal near death. Millions have proven this fact. In my opinion, it’s being used to fleece the working class behind the scenes even more. Plus, they can work from home but I suspect many are taking long vacations in their other homes. They are not held accountable to any higher standards. The mayor thinks he has a shot at higher office. He will be surprised at all those skeletons rattling in the closet. Never will happen. He’s made far too many enemies that will never forget.

  4. Anonymous and A.Moore,

    Thank you for your comments. What is going on here is reminiscent of what occurred to San Francisco and up the west coast. The excessive rich hiding their stolen loot in offshore accounts will not stop until they own every piece of property in our city including that degenerate mayor and his friends. Some of us have known this for the last decade. But as evident, those who tried to sound the alarm were brutally punished and silenced while they acted in the best interest of our local community as true freedom fighters. They lost their 30 year stellar careers, went into financial free fall and some have left the state to start over. If you tangle with el Diablo prepare to get burned. Fampus words, “Anyone who goes after him, gets their life ruined”. Fear and intimidation are his only weapons. It’s hard dealing with an evil man who suffers from the worse case of narcissism. He’s also a sociopath. I’ve worked with people like this, some are his bag men and women. What does this sound like? It’s gang mentality which has infected our entire city.. Many in MA are moving to NH. They are done fighting this battle. The lunatic liberals are hell bent on stealing this city while destroying our community. I’ve watched all this up close and very personal. I can imagine the inner conflict of city employees must be difficult for some who still have a conscious. I went out in a ball of flames and left my mark not as a city employee but one thats in bed with this gang of thugs. There are those benefitting behind the scenes we will never know. He’s their bag man who sold out our city. Word has finally got out. Shoddy condos and shaddy players, countless lawsuits paid by our taxes, crumbling infrastructure to include broken sewer system, craters in our streets, so much decay. I believe all intentional to force more locals to sell. But when the rich find out what really goes on here, they flip and get the hell out of dodge. What they failed to realize is the rich don’t have to settle. They just move on to their next investment. We are different– we remain because we love our homes and have built a lifetime of relationships with our neighbors and close friends. Many who have left regret it later. But the stress can be unbearable and so can the fact we are now living in occupied territory. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

  5. Bravo Jack,

    This thread is a disturbing reminder of entiled hecklers from Our Revolution that never was…. they claim to be so concerned about the homeless camping out in Davis Square, but what have they done to solve the problem?

    How many have invited a person of color to their home for dinner? The city administration has failed miserably. Gentrification has dug its fangs in with the help of the same hyporcrites who pretend to care. Obviously, many are ignorant of the fact that some of the homeless maybe carriers of covid, hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, etc. Others suffer from mental illness and drug addiction this city has ignored for over 2 decades and longer.

    The idiots have no clue what it’s like to deal with a city that continues to abuse its local families who made this city a great place, in spite of its issues as other towns that hide it better.

    Why doesn’t this city have a recovery center, one that would arrest dealers who get drugs inside recovery centers while some addicts are trying to recover!

    Of course our police are better equipped to handle situations within the homeless population. Unfortunately, for those suffering, have no real support because the entitled crowd have no idea about harsh realities within our society.

    Homelessness being one of the most misunderstood. Now they demonize the police. Hopefully, they will never need one to save their sorry ass.
    By the way, I attempted to publish my comment on that worthless rag that continues to spew its hateful propaganda.

    While they rest well in their fantasy land, the rest of us continue to do the heavy lifting

    It’s on a matter of time this cabal begins to fall apart. Do as I say, not as I do is done. Hes been finally exposed for the degenerate he is. Time to pack your bags and be exiled.

  6. My theory they solved the plant thefts maybe they can clean up the millennial supported mile.

    The square once was a place to walk with kids and enjoy some public entertainment, an ice cream and see your neighbors from other areas of the city.

    Sadly that has changed its in dis repair, no parking and you cannot stop and sit in the plaza feeling safe. The place needs to be pressure washed and sanitized on a regular basis.

    One would guess that’s phase four of the media mayors agenda.

    By the way why is he so quiet lately? Story on the streets there are major concerns with school mechanical and ventilation equipment? It may be the preacher cannot preach anymore since he has his own issues.

    This story will be coming out soon I’m sure. Stay tuned and ready yourselves for a fight between those having to return to school and the union.

  7. Jack, Well said my friend. The Police Chief and his Deputies have refused to fill the 4 vacant community policing positions, claiming a lack of staffing. There are 3 positions currently filled that could be addressing your concerns, on a daily and nightly basis. However, he is now putting those remaining community policing officers in cruisers to back fill vacancies in patrol, thus eliminating any community policing efforts whatsoever !! Hopefully, come December, the next administration will support and encourage more community policing throughout the entire city.

  8. Many posts do not go through on the other site. Unlike Bill here who is not chicken. We need more money for the police. They have to be first on the scene. Granted we need better social services for those in need. We don’t have enough as the powers that be waste money on stupidity instead of the right thing. And we have a bunch of clueless people running around here who know nothing where those of us with first hand knowledge know how the system actually works, or doesn’t. November 2021 is going to change all this.

  9. Jack its nice to see someone point directly at the issues. I found it laughable that the socialist attack you in the other paper.

    Whats comical that i have tried to post responses or concern on thier Davis Sq site and they delete it.

    Simply put no transparency and they will use every tool against you because you are speaking the facts.

    The group in particular does not frighten me but i do have concerns when they are drugged up or drinking. Urinating around properties in the square. Acting out and thing up our police, fire and ambulances when they have to carted away.

    We do not need a socialist millennial mile further destroying davis square and the neighborhood. Maybe the nay sayers toward your opinion should invite them to thier house.

    They are likely the defund the police supporters who also post black lives matter signs in front of the mini mansion they reside in but have never had a guest of color dining with them at thier home.

    Only in Somerville

  10. Good job Anonymous. Sometimes I don’t think people notice the lack of work done by our elected officials. Jack, I hope you know I was only being sarcastic. I know when you stood out with me you saw the stupidity in Winter Hill. It is worse now as traffic backups are increasing in size and more often now. Even in the middle of the day. Don’t give up on another shot at getting back in. Now that people know Strezo is another one to get rid if I am sure many regret voting for her. Will have to see what the lineup is then. I have hopes that some good people are possibly going to jump in from what I hear. But we need this whole crew gone for good. NOW!

  11. Jack thanks for pointing this out and letting us know the disaster that is occurring not only in Davis Square but throughout the city.

    Ever since the Mayors Assembly Square friends received so much the remainder of the city has been neglected while he spends the thousands in revenue on statisticians and other waste.

    The streets and sidewalks throughout the city are in poor condition and the ones recently paved are getting dug up. Potholes, loose manhole covers causing noise day and night. Unsafe hp curb cuts and crosswalks unpainted, telephone poles readyvto fall, poor street signage, dead trees.

    Our municipal buildings are in the worse condition ever more than any administration. City hall, the police station, dpw, city hall annex, Central Library and many of the schools all dilapidated.

    What happened to the 5 year plan. This administrations focus has been on bike lanes, walkable cities and other bullshit that has not improved the infrastructure or properties the city manages.

    All the while our City Councilors sit on the sidelines champion ways to attack the working class homeowners in Somerville.

    Lance himself has been renovating his nice little single on the outskirts of Davis, Matt just purchased a nice condo in the East end. Ben purchased a single and did major renovations in the thousands on his little million dollar nest in ward 3. Not to forget Mark the shark who is worried that the Democrats need the whitehouse in November so he is working the Country to do so. And others just sit silently collecting a nice 40,000. Paycheck

    I could go on and on however the point is this entire group has no interest in maintaining or improving this city in the manner that it is needed.

    I have not seen one of these clowns out publicly assisting those in need during this pandemic. There are Veterans, Elderly, and persons with disabilities along with lower income families that have be challenged with financial, medical, food and other issues and they are no where to be found.

    It all starts here I honestly hope we can get more people involved in holding public office who sincerely care about the people, the community and the people of color. Not the ones today that talk shit place signs that mean nothing more than words and keep the privileged where they are.

    Not the Somerville It can be.

  12. Jack, you should be ashamed of yourself. First of all this is for all businesses all over Somerville, not just Davis Square and not just restaurants. It has been obvious for some time now the mayor is hell bent on destroying and getting rid of small business in Somerville. It is city wide and is right out in the open. Notice how far behind we are in helping businesses. We came in number 351 in a state with 351 towns and cities. Why? The mayor being the number one problem. Call the council members? Really? The specialists in ignoring. Why are we defunding? Try catering to a terrorist called BLM that he has been catering to since they blocked 93 putting many lives at risque of all colors. The BLM leader in CA gets 15 years for doing the same thing while our mayor says they deserve no punishment. This is the kind of person running this city as head dictator. He is killing the whole city, not just one square.

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