Election Year 2021 In Somerville, It’s Time to Start

By Arthur Moore

Even though we have the national election coming up, it is only a year away from our city elections. I am really hoping that this time we can get some really good people out there to jump into the race for office. This city is in severe need of quality people to run our city. The present council and Mayor need to be exchanged for new people. Very little is getting done to keep our city running properly and for everyone. If anything, very little is being done and what is being done is bringing the city down.

We need people with ideals. People who are interested in helping the small home grown businesses. Helping the seniors who have spent their life here in this city. Helping those with disabilities. We don’t need people collecting a check and ignoring requests for help. And we really don’t want another mayor coming in at last place for working with the taxpayers in this city when we are in desperate times fighting a pandemic just looking for a photo op.

Many of us are just waiting for a good person to stand behind and support. I know there are people talking about it and I am waiting for them to announce they will run. Some are so afraid of retaliation if they don’t win. That should not happen in this day and age.

Somerville is desperate for change and we need to reverse direction and move forward. I think if we can see some brave souls make an announcement it should encourage others to jump in and run. We are way overdue for a change.

There is much to be done to make this city great again. And not be the laughing stock of the state. It may seem early but a year can pass pretty quickly. I don’t want to be stuck with the same ol same ol. Enough already.

As for this election get out and vote. I expect everyone by now knows who they are going to vote for and I am not here to tell you who to vote for. Just get out and vote. And while you are at it if you think you would like to be part of the new regime and cleaning house and making this a great place to live again think about running for office.

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