Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Amy MCGREGOR (B&E)

On Wednesday September 26, 2018 I was assigned to uniform patrol marked unit west 5 with my FTO officer Ducasse. At approximately 1:30 PM we were dispatched to x Tannery Row Apt xx, along with officer Difava in cruiser west 6, for a report of a B&E in progress. Upon arrival we observed a female, later identified as Ms. Amy McGregor, that had been detained by officer Nadile, who was on detail nearby. We then spoke with the reporting party, XXXX, who stated to us that two of his employees reported to him that Ms. McGregor had been inside his apartment without authorization. According to XXXX he observed the defendant exiting the apartment building which is also owned by him and is under construction.

We then spoke with a witness XXXX who stated to us that as he was going inside apartment #xx, which is a model unit for showings, he observed the defendant collecting bed sheets and cleaning supplies and placing them near the entrance of the apartment. According to XXXX he thought the defendant was part of a cleaning company, however when she saw him, she panicked. Her reaction gave XXXX the impression that the defendant had broken into the apartment. When he confronted her she started to walk away out of the apartment. He started following her and notified his boss/property owner, XXXX who then called 911 and followed the defendant until she was stopped  shortly after by the detail officer.

We then spoke with the second witness XXXX who stated to us that she observed the defendant walk out of unit #xx, and observed XXXX following her and confronting her about her being inside of the property.

We then spoke with the defendant to get her side of the story. She stated that she had not been inside the apartment and denied all accusations.

Based on the witnesses accounts I placed the defendant under arrest for Breaking and Entering Day Time for a Felony MGL Ch.266 S.18B.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer R. Anaya 354

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  1. I understand that she has Disassociative Idenity Disorder. She doesn’t remember what she did when she comes out of her fugue states. Charges were dismissed and she was referred to see a psychiatrist

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