Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Joel SYLVIA (Shoplifting)

On 9/26/2018 I was on patrol with my Field Training Officer, Officer Tim Van Nostrand assigned to patrol in cruiser E1. At approximately 1300 we were dispatched to a report of a shoplifter in the area of Grand Union Blvd and Artisan Way. We were given a description of a male wearing a brown jacket carrying a back pack who had just concealed items from Wilson’s Leather. We arrived in the parking lot of Kmart and were directed towards Trader Joe’s by other Officers. Once on location we were met with Security Supervisor XXXX (First Security Services). I then entered Trader Joe’s looking for the individual described to me by security.

At this time I located a person matching the description and began to speak with him. He informed me he was passing by after getting off at the Assembly T stop. We then exited Trader Joe’s and continued our conversation. At this time the Security Supervisor informed us that he actually witnessed the gentleman I was speaking with, conceal several items at Wilson’s Leather.  At this point I placed Joel Sylvia (xxxxxx) of 41 O’Riley Way, Charlestown, MA under arrest for shoplifting. Upon searching the context of his bag we found several items from Wilson’s Leather and Banana Republic. Said items still had tags attached. At this point Mr. Sylvia was placed in the prisoner transportation vehicle and transported to the Somerville Police Station.

The recovered items were later returned to Wilson’s Leather, totaling $350. The Banana Republic items were later returned with a value of $182.35. Mr. Sylvia will be charged with shoplifting by concealing +$250 subsequent offense.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Michael Cleary

Badge 353

Somerville Police Department

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