Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kelli LOPER (A&B, A&B on 60+ or Disabled, Larceny from Person) & Keith HILL (A&B, A&B on 60+ or Disabled, Larceny from Person) & SPD Warrant)

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018,  Officer Mark Nevin and I (Officer Dylan Lambert)  were working our assigned shift in Ward 6. At approximately 7:45 PM we were dispatched to a call involving a fight in front of Sligo’s Bar. We were around the corner and arrived within a minute from being dispatched.

Upon our arrival many bystanders pointed in the direction of the BFresh grocery store and gave a description of a black male with an orange bag as one of the parties involved in the fight. We went in the direction of BFresh and located the victim at the corner of Chester and Elm Street.

The victim (XXXX) was extremely agitated, upset, and appeared injured. Once calm, XXXX stated that Keith Hill and Kelly Loper stole his tip cup and attacked him without provocation. XXXX defended himself as best as he could. Two acquaintances (XXXX and XXXX) came to his defense. They tried to break up the fight and in the process XXXX was slammed to the ground.

XXXX appeared to be distressed, disoriented, and incapacitated. Officer Nevin requested dispatch to send EMS for a medical evaluation. Professional ambulance transported XXXX to Mount Auburn Hospital for treatment.

We interviewed XXXX and XXXX separately and they corroborated XXXX’s statements.

Officer Chris Collette (West 7), Officer Soares (Sector East), and Lt. Sheehan (S9) all arrived to assist. Officer Nevin advised dispatch and the responding officers of the suspects’ identities. They located the suspects in Cambridge on Beech Street near Massachusetts Ave. The defendants were taken into custody and transported to the station by Officer Thomas Lambert in the prisoner transport wagon and booked by Lt. W. Rymill.

The defendants are charged with:

265/13A  Assault & Battery

265/13K/F  Assault & Battery on a disabled person

266/25/A  Larceny from a person

Respectfully submitted by,

Officer Dylan Lambert (#351)

Somerville Police Department

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