Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kevin BANOS (Disorderly, Resisting)

On December 4, 2017 at approx. 8:15 pm I was assigned to Somerville CID Unit as Delta 7. While exiting the police station I encountered a male, identified at booking as Kevin Banos, standing at the front entrance of the building. As I exited I asked Mr. Banos if there was anything I could help him with. Mr. Banos replied with a slew of vulgarities of why he hates cops and continued with telling me that he knew who I was and that he will see me again on the street.

I then asked if the vehicle blocking the handicap ramp was his and if in fact it was it needed to be moved into 1 of the 7 public parking spots that were empty at the time. Banos once again started a vulgar laced tirade about his being arrested and his vehicle being towed and torn apart earlier. I stated to him that I did not know anything about that and I was not present at his arrest. Once again Banos stated,” I know who you are and I will see you again.”  At this time his girlfriend XXXXX came outside and started yelling at him to stop his behavior and get in her car to leave. Banos refused to get in the car and continued swearing at me. People at the bus stop and walking by stopped to watch his antics and I told him if he had a problem to file a complaint. Banos stated he was gonna sue the City and once again reminded me that he knew who I was and where I could be found.

I once again asked him, along with his girlfriend XXXXX, to quiet down and leave or I would arrest him. Banos got even angrier and faced me while stating again he knew who I was and would find me. As he was saying this Officer Mike McCarey was exiting the building because of the yelling and assisted me in handcuffing and placing Banos under arrest. While walking Banos into the sally port he tried to pull away and as we were entering the booking room he placed his right foot against the wall also trying to push away.

Banos was escorted to the booking window where he was booked by Lt A. Rymill for the above noted charges.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Alan Monaco #234

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