Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Darryll LYDON (Larceny Over & SPD Warrant)

On Tuesday, December 5, 2017 I, Officer Justin Buswell, worked my assigned 8am-4pm shift in marked Somerville Police Cruiser East-1 and in full uniform. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed as they pertain to Incident# 17073532:

Officer Devin Schneider and I were dispatched to Assembly Row at 10:16am to a report of a larceny in progress from Saks Off Fifth Ave. Dispatch gave out a description of a Black male, wearing a black hoodie, black backpack, and black pants who had just stolen sunglasses and was seen heading towards the Assembly Row train station. East-4 Officer Rivera responded as back-up.

Upon arrival units made their way to the Assembly Row train station platform. While conducting a search for suspect an unknown male individual walked up to me and stated that he didn’t know why we were there, but there was a person down at the end of the platform hiding.  As I made my way towards the end of the platform a train entered the station and opened the doors. It was at this time that I witnessed a male party, later identified as Darryll LYDON, who matched the description enter the first train car from the area the unknown male party directed my attention.

Officer Schneider and I entered the first train car and identified LYDON who matched the description of the suspect: black male wearing a black hoodie, black pants. Underneath his seat was a black backpack, which LYDON was attempting to conceal. When Officers got onto the train, with approximately 40 passengers, all parties were looking at the Officers except for LYDON. LYDON was looking in the opposite direction talking on the phone. LYDON was the only passenger that matched the description of the suspect. When LYDON was asked where he was coming from, he stated that he was coming from Wellington Station. This statement was not consistent with the fact that I witnessed LYDON board the train. Officer Schneider then searched the backpack, with the consent of LYDON who confirmed upon questioning that the backpack did belong to him. Upon searching the backpack Officer Schneider found a dark grey jacket. Located in both pockets of the jacket were a total of seven (7) sunglasses with the Electronic Anti-Theft Detection Devices still attached. LYDON stated, “that’s not my jacket.”

LYDON was removed from the train, and I handcuffed LYDON behind his back, double locked, and check for proper tightness.  I read LYDON his Miranda Warnings from a pre-printed card. LYDON stated he understood his Miranda Warning and still wished to speak with us. Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) XXXXX texted a picture captured, from surveillance video that showed LYDON leaving Saks Off Fifth. LPO YYYYY responded to our location and identified the stolen merchandise as belonging to his company. Attached is a receipt of the items stolen by LYDON. The stolen items had a total value of $589.93.

LYDON was transported back to the station in Prison Transport Unit-200 by Officer Katherine McDaid. At the station LYDON was booked in the usual manner by Lt. William Rymill.

I will be filing criminal charges against Darryl LYDON for the following violation of Massachusetts General Law:

-Ch. 266/S. 30A Larceny Over $250

LYDON also had a Default Warrant from Somerville District Court (Docket#1710CR000020) for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License.

I would respectfully note for future officer safety: one hypodermic needle was found in LYDON’s possessions.

LPO YYYYY notified me that video of LYDON removing the sunglasses was discovered after an investigation of the video surveillance system.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Justin Buswell #344

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