Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Kevin BANOS (Op MV w/License Susp)

On Monday, December 4, 2017, I, Officer Pavao, was assigned to marked unit East 2. At approximately 2:57pm, while stopped at a red light on Highland Ave (Public way in the City of Somerville) and observed a dark colored sedan go through the red light and turn left onto Walnut Street. I activated my emergency lights and sirens and stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Walnut Street and Medford Street.

I asked the operator for his license and registration. He handed me his license and registrations and then stated “just so you know my license is suspended”. Somerville Police Dispatched confirmed that the operator Mr. Kevin Banos did have a suspended driver’s license. I asked Mr. Banos to step out of the vehicle and then placed him under arrest for Operating a Vehicle with a Suspended License (ch90/s23/d) and Disregarding a Traffic Control Signal (c89/s9). I requested Unit #200 which was operated by Ofc. Soares to transport Mr. Banos back to Somerville Police station to be booked in the usually manner by the shift commander Lt. Rymill.

The vehicle was towed via Pats Towing.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Brian Pavao #318

Somerville Police Department

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