Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jose PENA (Distribute Class A) & Manuel PEREZ (PWID Class A)

On Thursday, May 11th, at approximately 5:00 p.m., Detective Costa was in the area of Edgar Ave. and Heath St. when he observed a white male party known to him as XXXXX, a known narcotics user, traveling on Edgar Ave towards Heath St. He observed XXXXX enter the back seat of a blue Nissan Sentra bearing Massachusetts registration YYYYY, and quickly exit. Detective Costa immediately recognized the driver and passenger of this vehicle from a previous narcotics arrest in which both parties were defendants. These males were identified as Mr. Manuel Perez and Mr. Jose Pena (please see JP #17011428).


Based on the above information, members of the Narcotics Unit established surveillance in the area of Edgar Ave. and Heath St. On Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at approximately 4:40 p.m., Detective Costa observed XXXXX exit his residence. XXXXX was manipulating his cellular phone and made a very quick phone call. He then turned on to Heath St. and walked towards Bond St., stopping right before this intersection. XXXXX body language appeared consistent with someone awaiting the arrival of another person, as he repeatedly paced back and forth, looking in both directions.


Detective Cicerone then observed the blue Nissan Sentra bearing Massachusetts registration, YYYYY, turn on to Heath St. from Fenwick St. and park at the corner of Heath St. and Bond St. Detective Cicerone was able to identify the driver as Mr. Manuel Perez and the passenger as Mr. Jose Pena. Detective Cicerone then observed the passenger, Mr. Jose Pena, exit the vehicle and walk on Bond St. towards Heath St.


Mr. Pena quickly approached XXXXX and a hand to hand exchange was observed by detectives. Mr. Pena then began to quickly walk back towards the vehicle and XXXXX back towards his residence. Based on my training and experience I believe that a street level narcotics transaction had just taken place. It was at this time that Detectives McNally, Cicerone, and Costa conducted a motor vehicle stop at the corner of Bond St. and Broadway of the Nissan Sentra.


Detective Legros and I, with our badges prominently displayed, identified ourselves as Somerville Police Detectives and stopped XXXXX. He immediately said to us “Am I getting arrested?” We informed him of our observation, to which he stated that he calls the same number every day to order his heroin and two Dominican males driving a blue vehicle deliver it. XXXXX then pointed directly in front of him where he had dropped the small baggie filled with a tan powdered substance believed to be heroin.


I reached Detectives Costa, McNally and Cicerone via our 2 way radio to relay the information. After hearing this information, Detectives began conducting a search of Mr. Perez and Mr. Pena’s person. Detectives then notified me that they retrieved 11 bags of a tan powdered substance believed to be heroin off of Mr. Perez. Please see Detective Costa’s supplemental.


Both Mr. Perez and Mr. Pena were placed under arrest and transported by marked wagon #200 to the Somerville Police Department where they were booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DeOliveira. I would like to note that the Nissan Sentra was towed and transported by Pat’s Towing to the Somerville Police Garage and followed by Detective Cicerone. Please see Detective McNally’s supplemental report with regards to all evidence confiscated/seized.



Respectfully submitted,



Detective Cassandra Goncalves, #314


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