Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Ely DASILVA (Unlicensed Op, Leave Scene, etc.)

On May 19, 2017, I was working my assigned shift as Street Supervisor (S9), for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 8:28 am I heard a radio transmission about a hit and run crash on Dane St. Lt. Lavey was on detail on Dane St, near the intersection of Somerville Ave, in full uniform. Lt. Lavey stated that a White Van had just struck two motor vehicles on Dane St, including his own personal vehicle, and left the area. The van’s side door was open and swinging, coming into contact with XXXXX, a black Honda Civic, and YYYYY, a Chevrolet Silverado. Lt. Lavey gave out ZZZZZ, a 2002 Ford Van, color white. Lt. Lavey ran toward the vehicle yelling and waving his arms for the driver to stop, however, the operator drove around Lavey and through the intersection at Dane St, and Somerville Ave, ignoring the red traffic light. The van made a right onto Somerville Ave, and then Lt. Lavey was able to see the van make a right turn into the parking lot for Market Basket, located at 400 Somerville Ave. Lt. Lavey advised responding units of the information, and continued to chase the MV on foot. 


The MV came to a stop in the rear of the parking lot, and the driver was still seated inside. Lt. Lavey approached the MV, and ordered the driver to produce his license and registration. I arrived on scene at this point. The driver was identified as Ely Dasilva using a Brazilian Passport. After a check with the MASS RMV it was confirmed that he did not have an active license in Massachusetts. Dasilva was placed under arrest for Unlicensed Operation of a MV. The MV was towed by Pat’s Towing, and Ely Dasilva was transported to the Somerville Police Station, and booked in the usual manner by LT. Jeffrey DiGregorio.


All roads involved in this incident are considered public ways in the City of Somerville. There are photographs of damage, and a brief video from a surveillance camera showing the Van drive by the area and LT. Lavey run out to stop it. However, the video does not capture the actual crashes.     


Ely Dasliva was issued Citation Number R7606002 for the following offenses:

MGL c 90 s 10 – Unlicensed Operation of MV on a Public Way

MGL c 90 s 24 – Leaving Scene of Crash with Property Damage

MGL c 90 s 25 – Failure to stop for Police Officer

MGL c 89 s 9 – Failure to Obey Traffic Control Signal (Red Light)

MGL c 90 s 24/E – Negligent Operation of a MV




SGT Michael Holland #270


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