Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Chikh TOURE (Trespassing)

On 05/15/2017 at around 0642 hours, while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit East 2, I was dispatched to Dunkin Donuts located on 282 Somerville Ave for an unwanted person. East 3 (Ofc Sousa) was also dispatched as back up.


Upon my arrival, I was met by XXXXX who is the day manager at the Dunkin Donuts. XXXXX stated a gentlemen was refusing to leave the premises after asked to do so numerous times. XXXXX pointed at a black male wearing a dark color hoodie and blue denim jeans. The male would later be identified as Chikh Toure. XXXXX was outside the exiting doors smoking a cigarette.


I informed Mr. Toure, management no longer was accepting Mr Toure as a costumer and requested for Mr. Toure to leave the premises. I asked Mr. Toure if he could please leave the premises, however, Mr. Toure just smiled and said he would leave the premises after he finished smoking his cigarette. I again requested Mr. Toure to leave the premises and smoke his cigarette at a different location. Mr. Toure again refused and said he was still smoking his cigarette. I asked Mr. Toure to leave the premises, as management did not want him in there. Mr. Toure became upset and said, that he was not leaving until he retrieved his belonging left inside Dunkin Donuts. I told Mr. Toure, that I would go inside with him to retrieve his belongings, but he then asked me, “why?” I once again asked Mr. Toure to go inside to retrieved his belongings, but he replied with “why?”. 


I entered Dunkin Donuts to retrieved Mr. Toure’s belongings, which consisted of a red baseball cap and a plastic bag of unknown content. I then handed the baseball cap and plastic bag to Mr. Toure and I again asked Mr. Toure to leave the premises and he answered with, “why?”


After numerous attempts by management and myself, in asking Mr. Toure to leave the premises of Dunkin Donuts to no avail, Mr. Toure was placed under arrest for trespassing.


Respectfully submitted,


Ofc Ramirez, Jose #259

Somerville Police Dept.

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