Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jennifer HERNANDEZ (Larceny, Conspiracy, Use of Counterfeit Receipts)

On Saturday, July 30th, 2016, I (Officer Devin Schneider) was in full uniform while assigned to the Assembly Row unit in marked cruiser 660. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed, as they pertain to incident #16046653:


At approximately 12:22 pm I received a call on my department issued cell phone from Home Depot Asset Protection Associate (APA) XXXXX. APA XXXXX stated to me that he had witnessed two females in his store select a dehumidifier from the sales floor. According to APA XXXXX, the suspects struggled together to put the dehumidifier in the shopping cart, then proceeded to get in line at the store’s return counter.


I arrived in the Home Depot parking lot a short time later. APA XXXXX stated to me that one of the suspects had left the store, while the other began to process a return for the dehumidifier he had seen them select. The suspect processed the sales return with Home Depot cashier, YYYYY. YYYYY produced a return receipt based on the suspect’s claim that she had purchased the dehumidifier from the store. YYYYY provided the suspect with a return receipt and a card containing a store credit for $279.00.


The suspect then attempted to leave the store. I approached and stopped her at the store exit. I identified her via her MA state identification as Jennifer Hernandez. I was joined by Officer Paul Anderson (East-1).


Ms. Hernandez stated to me that the female she had been with had given her the dehumidifier in order to process the return. Officers searched the area for the second suspect, but were unable to locate her. Ms. Hernandez called the second suspect on her cell phone, who she only knows by her nickname of “Moose”, and asked her to come back to the store. Ms. Moose answered the phone and informed Ms. Hernandez that she would not be returning to the store.


After running Ms. Hernandez’s information through dispatch, it was discovered that she had two active arrest warrants. I placed Ms. Hernandez in handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training, and double locked the handcuffs. Ms. Hernandez was transported back to the Somerville Police station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer Mark Difava. At the station, Ms. Hernandez was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Chris Ward.


I will be seeking the following charges for violations of MA General law against Jennifer Hernandez:


-Ch. 266 / S. 30: Larceny Over $250 by a Single Scheme

-Ch. 266 / S. 30C: False Creation of Return Receipt

-Ch. 274 / S. 7: Conspiracy to Commit Larceny


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295


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