Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Evens ST PIERRE (Conceal Motor Vehicle Thief, Receive Stolen Motor Vehicle)

On Sunday, July 24th, 2016, I, Officer Alex Lorenti was assigned to marked unit East-1. At approximately 2:17 A.M., while patrolling the Assembly Row area, I observed a group of people attempting to open doors of parked motor vehicles that were on Great River Road. I radio transmitted my location to East-4, (Officer Samir Messaoudi), to meet me on Great River Road.

        As I circled around the area, I noticed a gray Audi Q5 SUV peel out of a parking spot without displaying headlights. I activated my emergency equipment and stopped the vehicle in front of Tony C’s Restaurant. I asked Ofc. Messaoudi to query the registration of the vehicle directly in front my cruiser to which he informed me that the motor vehicle was stolen. This vehicle was stolen out of Cambridge and entered into CJIS by Cambridge Police Department, (ORI/MA 0091100.)

        I contacted Somerville Police Control, informed them of my location, requested backup and confirmation on the vehicle’s status. Ofc. Messaoudi and I conducted an exit order on all three subjects that were in the vehicle. They were immediately placed into handcuffs and searched for any weapons. I then read all subjects their Miranda Warnings from a card that I keep in my shirt pocket.

        The driver was identified as XXXXX. The front seat passenger was identified as YYYYY. The back seat passenger was identified as Evens St Pierre. Due to the fact that XXXXX and YYYYY are considered Juveniles, they were not asked any questions. Evens did not wish to talk to Officers.

        Evens and YYYYY were transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200 operated by Officer Radochia. I transported XXXXX back to Somerville Police Headquarters in my marked cruiser, while East-3, (Ofc. Reece) followed. All parities were booked by Lieutenant Ward in accordance with department policy. All subjects were charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle, (c266 S28F) and Conceal a Motor Vehicle Thief, (c266 S28A). XXXXX was also charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, (90/10). He was issued Massachusetts Uniform Citation R7638694.




Ofc. Alex Lorenti #322

Somerville Police Dept.


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