Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Spencer RINGWOOD (Disturbing the Peace, Discharge Firearm within 500 Ft of Building, Improper Storage of Firearm)

On Saturday July 23, 2016 at approximately 0509, I Officer Randy Isaacs, Officer Prophete, Officer Ramirez, Officer Canty, Officer Clark, and Sergeant Marino were dispatched to the area of 112 Belmont St for a report of shot being fired. While en route dispatch advised us that the reporting person stated that they heard approximately three or four shots fired. Dispatch then came over the radio to inform us that another reporting person stated that they heard eight shots fired and that they saw the flash from the gun.


        Upon arrival we were met by a neighbor, later identified as XXXXX, who informed me that while inside his house he heard what sounded like a single gunshot. At that time he went to his window to look and see if he could see who had fired the shot. XXXXX then stated that after approximately fifteen minutes he heard seven more gunshots and saw the flash from the muzzle of the gun from across the street. XXXXX then pointed at the building across from him, which is 106 Belmont St. XXXXX also pointed to a window which is located on the third floor with a air conditioner in the window.


        There was also another unidentified witness who lived across the street who stated that he also saw the muzzle flash of the gun. The witness stated that he was inside his house when he heard a single gunshot and got up and put his glasses on. After getting his glasses on, he made his way to the window to see what was going on. While looking out the window he notice (in the same window that was pointed out by the other witness) what appeared to be a gun firing approximately seven rounds up into the air.   


        Fearing that someone might have been hurt or in danger, we entered the house. Upon making our way to the house I noticed that there was vomit on the steps with wet foot prints leading into the apartment. After making my way up the stairs I noticed that all the lights were on in the apartment and both front doors were left open and unlocked. After pushing the second door open wider, I knocked and identified myself as a Somerville police officer and asked if anyone was at home. Upon the third time knocking, I heard a female voice in a back room, stating, “we are all ok.” It was at that time that I asked the female if she could come to the front door and she arrived at the door with a male, who she stated, was her boyfriend that lived in the apartment.


        After knocking at the door, we were met by YYYYY and ZZZZZ, who stated that they did not hear anything, however, their roommates may have. The other two roommates are, AAAAA and BBBBB, who were also in their rooms sleeping and stated that they did not hear anything. All the individuals inside the apartment stated that there is another roommate who lives on the third floor, (the window that was pointed out by the witness) but they are not sure if he is home.



        After knocking at the door numerous times there were no answer at the door and the door was locked. Fearing that someone might be inside the room hurt, Sergeant Marino notified dispatch to get the fire department to force the door open. After the door was opened by the fire department, inside was a male, later identified as Spencer Ringwood, laying in bed with empty cases all on the bed and a handgun lying on the floor beside him. Upon entering the room, the firearm was secured by Officer Canty. After securing the firearm and ensuring that Mr. Spencer was not hurt, he was taking into custody and transported back to the Somerville Police Department by the mobile detention Unit 200 to be booked and finger printed.


        Mr. Spencer is charged with discharging a Firearm with 500 feet of a Building, MGL ch269 section 12E, Disturbing the Peace, MGL ch272 section 53, and Improper Storage of a Firearm, MGL ch140 section 131L. While at the station Mr. Spencer refused to be booked. Mr. Spencer was then placed in a cell to be booked at a later time. Detective Faria and Detective Nadile remained on scene to conduct further investigation.



Respectfully Submitted


Officer Randy Isaacs


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