Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Stephen COSTIGAN (Shoplifting, ABDW, Resisting Arrest, A&B on Public Employee) at Somerville Target 

On July 14,2016 at approximately 21:44 hours, while on uniform patrol and assigned to marked cruiser East Two, I, along with Officer Kim ( East Three), were dispatched to Target located at 180 Somerville Avenue for a reported shoplifter.  Upon my arrival, I was greeted by XXXXX an Asset Protection Specialist from Target. He said that a white male about 6 feet tall wearing blue jeans, black T-shirt and a green back pack just exited the store with stolen merchandise and took a right on Medford St headed toward Cambridge.


I proceeded towards Medford St and I observed the male in question walking on Medford St towards Ward St. I attempted to stop the person in question near the intersection of Ward St and Medford St. I asked the male party what had happened in Target. The male party was out of breath and was sweating heavily . He said he had nothing to say to me and that he had to go. I told him that I needed to talk to him. He then pushed me out of the way, so I immediately placed my hand on his chest and I asked him to stop and he couldn’t go anywhere.


The male party then punched me in the face (right side). I immediately got on the radio and requested another unit. I grabbed his back pack and attempted to stop him, he pulled away and we ended up on the ground between two houses. The male party kept punching and kicking me while I attempted to restrain him. This male party was wearing dark boots (later determined to be approximately size 12, steel toe boots, seized as evidence). Do to his size, I couldn’t control him, so as soon as I was able, I used my department issued pepper spray on him and I was able to get him to stop kicking and punching. Officers E. Kim, C. Collette, H. Diaz Det M. Pulli, Det G. Legros & Sgt Fusco arrived on scene & assisted with handcuffing the male party. This subject was later identified as Stephen Costigan.


Costigan had 226.96 dollars worth of stolen merchandise from Target in two small bags. I submitted the receipts from Target Store produced by XXXXX and returned the property to Target.


Mr. Costigan was charged with shoplifting over $100, resisting arrest, ABPO, & ABDW (shod foot).



Respectfully submitted




Erick Ubeda.


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