Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Gregory WILLIAMS (A&B on Police, Disorderly, Resisting, Trespass)

On July 9, 2016 while in marked unit #781 I, Officer Monaco, along with Officer DiFronzo, was dispatched to 84 Broadway for a reported of a drug overdose. Upon arrival we observed a male, later identified as the defendant Gregory Williams, laying on the ground in front of 78 Broadway with an unidentified female standing over him. As we approached the defendant he abruptly got up and stated that he did not want any help and he walked away. I spoke with a unknown female party who refused to disclose her name and she stated that the defendant used heroin. While Officer DiFronzo and I were outside of 84 Broadway, a female identified as XXXXX, exited her residence and stated that the defendant was inside her apartment and he refused to leave.


We proceeded upstairs with XXXXX and entered her apartment. The defendant refused to leave after several requests by XXXXX. XXXXX then asked Officer DiFronzo and I to please make him leave her apartment because he was unruly and she did not want him there. We asked the defendant numerous times to leave the apartment to which he refused. After a few more requests, the defendant got up and stated “I’m leaving but not because of you guys.”


The defendant then proceeded to exit the apartment and he tried to take a left towards another apartment but was redirected toward the exit by Officer DiFronzo. The defendant immediately spun and punched Officer DiFronzo in the chest forcing him to crash against the wall. I then grabbed a hold of the defendant and together with Officer DiFronzo took him down to the ground where he started swinging his arms and striking both Officers numerous times in the back, chest and face area with closed fists. While trying to restrain/handcuff the unruly defendant, he continued to violently resist and ignore verbal commands to comply and/or stop fighting. As the defendant and Officer DiFronzo were engaged in a violent physical struggle on the hallway floor, I administered a one second burst of department issued pepper spray that had no effect on the defendant. The defendant continued his violent assault on the officers without any regard. I then struck the defendant with my department issued baton on his leg and thigh area to no avail. He continued fighting. I called for backup and members of the Somerville Police Department responded to our location and assisted with subduing the unruly defendant.


In addition, during our physical altercation, several residents came out of their apartments and were shocked to see the incident unfold. The defendant was taken into custody and transported to the station via 200 and booked by Lt. DeOliveira for the above noted charges.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Alan Monaco #234


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