Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Richard MCCOO (Malicious Destruction of Property)


On Thursday, July 7, 2018, I was assigned to marked patrol unit E-2 and working the 4pm-12am shift. Several times during my shift I was dispatched to the Ruby Rogers Center at 64 Union Square to speak with XXXXX. Upon speaking with XXXXX, I learned that she had been verbally assaulted by a former resident of Ruby Rogers (which is a advocacy cooperative for people recovering from mental illness) who she’d removed because of aggressive/assaultive behavior. 


This former resident, Richard McCoo, escalated these verbal assaults into an act of attempted vandalism when he tried to smash the front window of the Ruby Rogers Center. McCoo fled prior to my arrival on scene. Before fleeing, he told her that he would return later.


He finally did return, at around 10:15pm, and tried to kick in the passenger’s side of XXXXX’s car parked out front of Ruby Rogers. He did not succeed in smashing the window but he did succeed in putting a large dent in the passenger’s side quarter panel causing more than $250 worth of damage.


Again, he had taken off prior to my arrival on scene but I did locate him a few blocks away about 15 minutes after he vandalized XXXXX’s car. I placed him under arrest for Malicious Destruction of Property Over $250. He was transported to SPD Headquarters for booking.


Respectfully submitted,


Detective Paul Duffy #200


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