Letter to the Editor:Keep On Trucking Somerville News Weekly!

Hey it’s too bad that the other paper in town don’t concentrate more on their own dying weak and puny publication instead of worrying about your success of keeping your customers happy, 40 full color pages of good local news, a dynamite news/website that your adding and updating stuff on it every hour, maintaining your four news boats, multiple moorings across the state and the pleasure of having Jamie Norton and Frank Santangelo as your co-publishers. But while on the other hand every time that the other paper try’s to write something negative about you, we all know and we’re just extremely thrilled they’re reading your paper as well because we all know that you love this stuff and we love you! And for the other papers instead of being so noticeably jealous and using so much overwhelmingly obsessed manpower to knock you guys and others, they just might learn on how to run a paper and concentrate on their own mistakes after this who knows? But anyway Somerville News Weekly we love your paper and we can’t stand the other publications. And always remember with all the drama, these other papers cause, they can’t and never will be able to shine your shoes!
Happy summer,

A Somerville News Weekly fan

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