SOA’s 2nd Annual Candlelight Memorial Vigil 9/15

It’s been a year since we held our first candlelight memorial vigil for those who we have lost to drug overdoses. Sadly, the number of deaths attributed to accidental overdose continues to rise. The state reports that 1,300 people died from drug overdoses in 2014, and many believe that that number is still low. Families all across the commonwealth buried loved ones in the past year, and Somerville is no exception. 
There are efforts under way to address the opiate epidemic at the local, state, and national levels, but this problem won’t be solved overnight. This is a long game, so as we continue to lose people to overdoses we must continue to gather in remembrance of those we’ve lost, to grieve together as a community. We also must continue to raise public awareness and give hope to those struggling with substance abuse disorder. A vigil can serve to do all of the above.
We hope you will gather with us on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, @ 7pm on the Somerville High gymnasium concourse for our 2nd Annual Candlelight Memorial Vigil.  
The vigil program will kick off at 7pm. Try to arrive early if possible. Prior to the start of the program (between 6 & 7pm) will be a time for catching up with friends and speaking various local resources who will have tables set up on the concourse. And as with all of our events, Narcan will be available on site courtesy of the AAC Needle Exchange. 

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