Real Life Somerville Police Stories:(Shoplifting, Receiving Stolen Property)

Arlene WELLS, Winston WHITE, Stafford GRAVELY & Johnny HINES (Shoplifting, Receiving Stolen Property)

On 8/28/15 at approximately 2:20 PM, I, Officer Mark Pulli, badge #311, while assigned to Assembly Row Unit Alpha-2, was dispatched to Adidas for a report of a shoplifter who had just left the store.


I arrived in front of Adidas and spoke with the store manager, XXXXX, who informed me that a black male wearing a black hat, black shirt and black bottoms, carrying a black backpack, later identified as Stafford Gravely, had just left the store with a pair of sneakers (valued at $69.99 and a running shirt (valued at $9.99). 


XXXXX stated she watched the suspect walk down Assembly Row toward the train station and meet up with another black male wearing a blue/grey shirt, a dark colored hat, and dark pants, carrying an orange Steve Madden reusable shopping bag, later identified as Johnny Hines. XXXXX stated she could see Gravely hand the shirt to Hines who then placed it in his bag. She said it appeared that Gravely threw the sneakers in the bushes along the sidewalk while he was looking back at XXXXX.


I then proceeded in the direction of the train station. At the intersection of Assembly Row and Foley St., I saw Gravely standing in the middle of Foley St. I approached him and told him I was looking to speak with him. Gravely stated “I know it’s about Adidas. I don’t have nothing of theirs”. Officer Van Nostrand, East-1, arrived and I provided him with the description XXXXX gave of Hines. 


Officer Van Nostrand went toward the train station where he located Hines entering the station. Hines immediately put the bag down when Officer Van Nostrand made contact with him. Officer Schneider, East-4 and Officer Costa, East-3 arrived to assist. A CJIS/RMV query of Hines showed that he had 5 outstanding warrants. At this time he was placed under arrest. I searched Hines’s bag and located an orange Adidas shirt, which XXXXX confirmed was the shirt Gravely stole. I also found several shirts with the price tags still on them from Banana Republic (valued at $176.94 total) and a pair of white Nike sneakers with the security tag still on them (valued at $99.99). The stolen sneakers were located in a bush and identified by XXXXX as the sneakers Gravely stole. 


At this time Gravely was placed under arrest for shoplifting. I searched Gravely incident to arrest. He informed me that his identification was in his wallet. While locating his id, I found a small knotted glassine baggie containing a light brown powder in his wallet. Based on my training and experience I believed this substance to be heroin. I am also aware that illegal narcotics are typically packaged in glassine baggies for sale at the street level. 


While we were waiting for the mobile detention unit to arrive on scene, YYYYY, the manager at Clarks, frantically ran up to us and stated that two black males wearing dark colored shirts and pants, carrying a black backpack and reusable shopping bags had just stole a pair of black men’s shoes (valued at $74.99), from his store and had just entered the train station.    


Dispatch was informed of the information and units proceeded to the platform of the train station. At the train station, two males fitting the description provided by YYYYY were located walking onto the in-bound train. Officer Schneider and Officer Costa approached the two males, who were accompanied by a female, and informed them that they fit the description of 2 individuals involved in a theft that just occurred. At this time, a pair of black shoes were located in one of the reusable shopping bags. Officer Schneider and Officer Costa attempted to place both males, one of which was later identified as Winston White into custody, but White and the unidentified black male dropped the shopping bags and ran onto the train tracks. The female, later identified as Arlene Wells picked up the three shopping bags and walked onto the train. 


MBTA Police were notified and Officer Schneider and Van Nostrand pursued the two males onto the tracks. Myself and Officer Costa approached Wells as she sat on the train and informed her that she was under arrest and had to step off the train. She refused to leave the train yell profanities and pull away from us. We then walked her off the train and attempted to place her in handcuffs as she continued to pull away and stiffen her arms. 


I searched the shopping bags and located a pair of brand new Clark’s shoes, which still had the cardboard in them and the size stickers on them. In addition, I found several Reebok T-shirts with the size stickers and price tags on them along with a pair of white Reebok sneakers which still had the price tags on them (valued at $239.87 in total). I also found multiple capped hypodermic needles in the shopping bags as well.


After several minutes, Officer Van Nostrand located White and took him into custody without incident. The second male was not located at the time of this report.


All the suspects were transported to the Somerville Police department and placed through the booking process according to department policy by Lt. Digregorio. 


Gravely is charged with Shoplifting MGL c266 s30 and Possession of Class A substance MGL 94c s34

Hines is charged with Receiving Stolen Property Over $250 MGL c266 s60 and the 5 outstanding Warrants.

White is charged with Receiving Stolen Property Over $250 MGL c266 s60, Resisting Arrest MGL c268 s32B, and Walking on a Railroad Track MGL c160 s218.

Wells is charged with the outstanding warrant, Receiving Stolen Property Over $250 MGL c266 s60 and Resisting Arrest MGL c268 s32B.


Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Mark Pulli #311



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