Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Tresspass Arrest 

 On August 10,2015, I, Officer Gravin Guillen, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit E-3. At approximately 09:55, I was dispatched along with unit E-4, to 709 McGrath Highway, the Hess gas station for an unwanted person called in by Hess Gas Station. Upon arrival, a white male was outside pan handling. He was identified as Alan Zendt. I would like to add that the police was called by Hess twice today for this individual who kept bothering and harassing customers. On both occasions, he was told to leave by the officers. While my partner stayed with Mr. Zendt, I spoke to the manager. He told me that there is a written trespass order, which he showed me, and that Mr. Zendt kept yelling at customers. Based on these facts and the copy of the trespass order, I placed Mr. Zendt under arrest for trespassing.


Respectfully submitted, 

Gravin Guillen

Patrolman 304

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