Real Life Somerville Police Stories:DRUG, POSSESS CLASS A c94C S34/Tresspass Arrest/Shoplifting At Assembly Row



On 8/10/15 at approximately 1:30 PM I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while assigned to Assembly Row Unit Alpha-2, received a call on my department issued phone from Saks’s loss prevention agent XXXXX, who stated that he had just observed a Hispanic male, later identified as Oscar Hernandez-Rivera, select multiple items and conceal them in a reusable green canvas shopping bag.  


I informed Somerville Dispatch of the call and arrived in front of Saks’s. Hernandez-Rivera exited the store via the Canal St. doors and crossed the street and was walking through the parking lot in the direction of the train station, where I was able to stop him. East-1, Officer Van Nostrand arrived to assist me. 


I located the three shirts and two sweaters (valued at $148.91 total) in Hernandez-Rivera’s bag that XXXXX observed him steal. Three capped hypodermic needles were also discovered and disposed of. I then placed Hernandez-Rivera under arrest for Larceny Under $250 MGL c266 s30C.


Hernandez-Rivera was transported to the Somerville Police Department via the mobile detention unit. He was booked according to department policy by Lt. Mulcahy. 


Hernandez-Rivera identified himself to me as Edgardo Hernandez, which was the same name he gave to me during a previous encounter. However, it was discovered during the booking processes that his actual identity was Oscar Hernandez-Rivera and that he had 3 outstanding warrants for shoplifting, trespassing, possession of class A drugs, and for furnishing a false name to a police officer.


Hernandez-Rivera was also charged with Furnishing a False Name MGL c268 s34A.


Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Mark Pulli #311



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