Real Life Somerville Police Stories:DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY +$250, MALICIOUS Arrest


On Monday, July 27, 2015, while assigned to marked unit West-5, I was dispatched to CVS Pharmacy, located at 532 Medford Street, for the report of a robbery. Marked units West-6, Officer Rivera, and street supervisor Sgt. Fusco, also responded.


Upon arrival, I met with the victim XXXXX, and his friend, YYYYY. According to XXXXX, around 2030, he and YYYYY were sitting on the bench outside the CVS Pharmacy when they were approached by a group of six Hispanic males who were allegedly trying to sell them drugs. XXXXX told the individuals he was not interested and then was attacked by one of the suspects. One suspect punched XXXXX in the face, possibly breaking his eyeglasses, and then tried to take XXXXX’s wallet but XXXXX held on to it. Another suspect grabbed the cigars from YYYYY and then the suspects took off down Main Street into Medford. The suspect that assaulted XXXXX was described as a Hispanic male, approximately 6′ tall, wearing white shorts with black on it, white shirt, and had a weapon which appeared to be a meat hook in his hand. Another suspect was described as a Hispanic male, approximately 5’8, wearing just shorts, no shirt, and had on a dark colored baseball cap turned backwards. A third suspect was described as a Hispanic male, wearing a white tank top, shorts, and had on white earphones.


I then met with ZZZZZ who was inside the East Cambridge Savings Bank ATM (which is attached to the CVS Pharmacy) during the incident. ZZZZZ was able to provide the same description of the suspects that XXXXX provided. ZZZZZ also informed me that the suspects were possibly harassing an unknown female in front of the Dunkin Donuts located at 500 Broadway. ZZZZZ said he observed the suspects speaking to a female who was trying to get in her vehicle and it appeared that they were harassing her.


As I was speaking to ZZZZZ, Officer Van Nostrand was off with a group of Hispanic males on Edward and Layden Streets in Medford, along with Officers Rivera and Schneider (marked unit East-4), and street supervisor Sgt. DeOliveira. I was then instructed by Sgt. Fusco to bring XXXXX to that location to conduct a show up to see if he could identify any of those parties as the robbery suspects.


I then transported XXXXX to Edward and Layden Street to conduct the show up. XXXXX was unable to identify any of the suspects with complete assurance. Those individuals were advised and sent on their way.


After returning XXXXX to the CVS, I then began to make my way in to the station to file my report when Somerville Control relayed that a citizen, AAAAA, had just called in stating that she and her friend, BBBBB, just witnessed the robbery suspects in front of Central Convenience located at 472 Mystic Avenue. Officers Rivera, Van Nostrand, and Schneider, Somerville Housing Authority Officer Granitsas, Sgt. DeOliveira, and I, all made our way to Central Convenience. Upon arrival, Officer Schneider relayed that the suspects were taking off down Mystic Avenue towards Temple Street. Officers Rivera, Van Nostrand, and Schneider were able to stop the suspects. We placed all suspects in handcuffs for our safety due to the fact a weapon was shown during the robbery.


Sgt. DeOliveira then asked if I could contact the victim to do a show up. I was unable to contact XXXXX due to his phone being off, but I was able to contact ZZZZZ, the witness, who agreed to do the show up. I then went and picked up ZZZZZ and transported him down to Central Convenience.


A group of suspects was brought out for ZZZZZ to view. ZZZZZ was able to identify one of the suspects as part of the robbery. This suspect was identified as Mr. Pema Tenzin. ZZZZZ recognized Mr. Tenzin’s face and also by his clothing (no shirt, shorts, black baseball cap turned backwards).


Mr. Tenzin was placed into custody and transported to Somerville Police Headquarters where they will be booked by the shift commander, Lt. Digregorio.


Mr. Tenzin will be charged with Armed Robbery and Conspiracy.



Respectfully submitted


Officer Ashley Catatao #299


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