Real Life Somerville Police Stories:OUI & LICENSE REVOKED AS HTO, OPERATE MV

 David MUSE Arrest

On July, 28, 2015, I officer Jason Costa, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 4 (874). At 2152 hours, I along with East 1 (Ofc Schneider), and S9 (Sgt. Fusco) responded to the area of Temple Street and Mystic Ave, Which is a public way in the city Of Somerville for the report of an Motor Vehicle Accident and that one of the operators where trying to leave the scene. Upon arrival, I observed a Ford Pickup Truck in the middle of Temple Street with some heavy front end damage, along with several parked vehicles on both sides of Temple Street that had damage to them. Once I stepped out of my cruiser, I was greeted by a group of people who began pointing to a male who was standing on the sidewalk off Temple Street. I then asked how many people were involved in the accident and AAAAA who was part of the group, advised me that she witnessed the whole accident and the male who was standing on the sidewalk, crashed into the parked cars and that no one else was involved.


  I then walked over to the male identified as David Muse to check his condition. I then asked David if he needed any medical attention, to which he declined. I then asked David what happened. David advised me that he lost his steering and that is why he crashed. As I was speaking to David I could smell the strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath and when he spoke I observed that his speech was slurred. I then asked David if he had been drinking tonight and he replied to me that he had three beers. At this point I called Officer Schneider, Who is Advanced Roadside Intoxication Detection Enforcement Certified to perform field sobriety tests on David Muse.


  I then walked over to AAAAA and BBBBB to ask them what they witnessed, As Officer Schneider was performing field sobriety tests on David Muse. AAAAA and BBBBB advised me that they were both standing on the front porch of Temple Street when the observed David Muse crash into the side of a Ford F150 and a Toyota Rav4, which were parked by 101 Temple Street. AAAAA then advised me that David then went on to the oncoming lane where he crashed into the rear of a Ford Taurus and the front end of a Ford Explorer which were parked on the even side of Temple Street. At this point David put his truck into reverse where it stalled in the middle of Temple Street. David then stepped out of his truck and began to walk down Temple Street towards Mystic Ave. AAAAA then advised me that a group of people then stopped David, preventing him from leaving the scene. Based on my training and experience, and the results of field sobriety testing, which Officer Schneider advised me of, I formed the opinion that Mr. Muse was operating impaired under the influence of alcohol. I then queried regarding the status Mr. Muse’s Mass Drivers license, and the results of my query showed that Mr. Muse Mass drivers License was revoked.


  At this point, I placed David Muse under arrest for the charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and operating a motor vehicle with a MA revoked License. Marked transport unit #200 was requested to transport David Muse back to the Somerville Police Station so that he can be processed according to department procedure by Lt. Mulcahy. David’s vehicle was towed by Pats Tow and a MA uniform citation (#R6632442) was issued to David Muse for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and operating a motor vehicle with a Ma revoked License.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Jason Costa #301


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