Abner BERNADEAU & Joekeem NELSON Arrests

On July 30, 2015 at approx. 3:51 PM Officer Kevin Shackelford and I were dispatched to assist Cambridge Police Officers with an arrest at Columbia St and Cambridge Street in the City of Cambridge. Upon arrival I spoke with the Cambridge PD Sgt. Brown. Sgt Brown stated that they had 2 suspects in custody for an Armed Robbery which had occurred in the City of Somerville approx. 15 minutes earlier on Beacon Street but was originally thought to have occurred in Cambridge. I observed 2 black males handcuffed and sitting and also a black M/V. I then spoke with Detectives David Atherton and Donald Bambino who stated to me that they had already photographed and processed the vehicle and handed me an evidence box with a 9MM Taurus handgun and an envelope containing $250 cash. Also handed to me were 2 cell phones belonging to the suspects.

         Officer Randy Isaacs was dispatched to pick up victim and complete a show-up form. Both suspects were stood up and Officer Isaacs drove by slowly with the victim, XXXXX. XXXXX then stated to Officer Isaacs that he was 1000 Percent sure that the 2 males were in fact the suspects that pulled a gun out and robbed him. Both suspects were taken to Cambridge PD for a courtesy booking and then transferred over to Somerville Police for booking.

         While I waited for suspects to arrive at Somerville PD I interviewed the victim, XXXXX. I asked XXXXX what had occurred and he stated that he was walking along Beacon Street by Holding Green when a black car with 2 black males approached and stopped him. He stated that he went over to passenger side and the skinny black kid, identified at booking as, Abner Bernadeau, passed a gray and red backpack to a stocky black male, identified at booking as, Joekeem Nelson. Mr Nelson proceeded to reach inside bag and pull out a gun and then chambered a round and pointed at the victim. XXXXX stated that Nelson told him to give him all his money. XXXXX then retrieved $250 from his front pocket and handed it to Nelson who then told XXXXX to take off and keep walking. XXXXX took note of the license plate and walked away while vehicle sped away. XXXXX told me the plate he got. XXXXX then called 911 and was transferred to Cambridge PD and supplied them with the plate number and a brief description of the 2 suspects. XXXXX stated that the cash he handed over was 4- $50 bills, 1- $20 Bill, 1- $10 Bill,1-$5 bill and 15- $1 bills totaling $250.

         A short time after the alleged robbery curried Cambridge Police spotted the vehicle on Cambridge Street at Columbia Street and performed a felony vehicle stop securing both the driver, Joekeem Nelson and passenger, Abner Bernadeau. Found inside the glove box by Detective Atherton was a Taurus black 9MM semi-auto handgun. Found in the left front pocket of Nelson was $250. The $250 consisted of the same amount and denominations as XXXXX described to me. In the vehicle I observed and seized a gray and red North face back pack. All these items were tagged and entered into evidence. The vehicle was towed to Somerville PD for possible processing of finger prints since XXXXX stated he touched the passenger side of vehicle near window and door frames.

        I ran the gun serial number and it came back as stolen out of Epsom, NH on January 21, 2015. The gun was loaded with six rounds in the magazine and 1 round chambered.

      The 2 suspects were charged with the above noted charges and booked by Lt. AW Rymill.



Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Alan Monaco #234


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