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Carr arrest

During the late afternoon of September 24, 2014 this investigator was contacted regarding an anticipated

illegal drug transaction involving prescribed medication in pill form. Shari Carr was presently en route to an automobile retail dealership located on Joy Street Somerville, MA. to meet with a prospective drug customer to finalize the narcotic transaction. The defendant Shari Carr was operating a white convertible style Ford Mustang utilized to facilitate her drug distribution operation. the motor vehicle that the defendant was operating was registered to the defendants boyfriend.

Based on allegations regarding the illegal drug activity a surveillance was established by members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit of the auto retail dealership in question located along Joy Street Somerville, MA. At the time the surveillance was initiated observations made of the defendant seated inside of a 2000 white colored Ford Mustang bearing the Massachusetts registration 825-JJ5 that was parked directly in front of the automobile dealership. An individual was observed meeting with a white male while parked in front of the auto dealership.

I would note that during the interaction involving the defendant and the white male observations were made of him leaning deep inside of the defendants motor vehicle via an open right front passenger side window. At the culmination of the brief meeting involving the defendant and the white male, the defendant proceeded to depart from the area.

Due to the intelligence realized from the information that was subsequently corroborated via surveillance observations a motor vehicle stop was effectuated of the defendants motor vehicle with the assistance of a marked patrol unit Officer Robert Pasqualino for the purpose of conducting a threshold inquiry. At the time of the motor stop Officer Pasqualino noted an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the interior of the front passenger compartment of the defendants motor vehicle. In turn this investigator observed in plain view a Pepsi soft drink container positioned in a front center console area. In addition observations were made of three white colored pills positioned in this same area. The color of the liquid contained within the Pepsi container did not correspond with normal color of the soft drink. When questioned regarding the contents of the Pepsi container the defendant responded that the Pepsi bottle contained vodka.

At this time the defendant was requested to exit from the motor vehicle and she in turn complied. Upon exiting from the motor vehicle the defendant was advised of her constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda which she acknowledged receiving and understanding. A search was conducted of the defendants motor vehicle and pocketbook which revealed approximately 14-15 assorted types of prescribed narcotics of various quantities along with packaging materials commonly associated with controlled substances. When questioned regarding two of the aforementioned prescriptive medications the defendant identified them as Oxycodone a class ” B” substance ( ten – 15 Mg. pills ) and Diazepam a Class “C” substance ( seventy one – 5 Mg. pills ) as defined by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C. The defendant admitted that she did not possess a valid prescription for the afore referenced prescription pills / tablets.

The defendant was placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Department Headquarters for booking and processing. This investigation is ongoing in nature due to the amount of pills yet to be identified inventoried and processed at the time of the submission of this report. Inspector James McNally will file a supplemental report upon the completion of the identifying, inventorying and processing of all pills and items of evidentiary value. Upon completion of the aforementioned process additional criminal charges may be forth coming.

I would respectfully note that the criminal activity engaged in by the defendant Shari Carr and violations of the controlled substance laws occurred within 300 feet of the East Somerville Elementary Community School. This educational facility is owned and maintained by the City of Somerville servicing the educational and social needs of students K-8.

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