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Hunt arrest

On 09/25/2014, at approximately 10:46 AM, I, Officer Albert Gee while in full uniform assigned to West 6 was dispatched along with Officer Oswaldo Martinez assigned to West 7 was dispatched to a suspicious male on Holland St. Charlie 6, Officer Neil Collins responded as well.

Upon arrival I spoke with the reporting party who stated a white male who he saw drinking earlier in the day wearing a black top and blue jeans put down a bag in the bushes on Buena Vista Rd. He said he walked over to the bag after the man walked away from it and look in it. He said it contacted a new laptop. He kept an eye on the man while his coworker kept an eye on the bag. While I was speaking with him, Officer Collins retrieved the bag from the bushes.

I entered Seven Hills Park which is next to Meacham Rd and Buena Vista Rd with Officers Martinez and Collins and we approached a group of 3 males and 2 females. I recognized the white male wearing a black top and blue jeans as Mr. Thomas Hunt.

I approached Mr. Hunt and asked him if the black bag Officer Collins was holding was his and he said no. I told him he was observed walking on Buena Vista Rd. and putting the bag down behind a bush. I asked him again if this bag was his and he said yeah I stole it. He said he broke in to a car and took it. I asked where he took it from and he said he didn’t know but it was in Somerville. I placed Mr. Hunt under arrest for B and E of a vehicle daytime for a felony and larceny over $250.00, I hand cuffed him, and read him his rights.

While on the call I was contacted by Somerville Control state a man in Davis Sq. named individual was reporting his vehicle was broken in to and his Dell laptop was stolen. I opened the bag and verified it contained a Dell laptop, Officer Collins walked to Davis Sq. to meet up with him and escort him to identify the bag and contents.

The black Swiss Army laptop bag contained a Dell Inspiron laptop, Seagate hard drive, power card, card reader, and Toyota key, total value $1,174.00. Officer Collins arrived with the victim and he confirmed the bag and all its contents belonged to him. I returned the bag and its contents to him and I photographed the bag and its contents. The photo will be available upon request.

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