City TV (13/22) & Educational Channel 15 (15)

*Programs and broadcast times can change due to event addition or cancellation.

CITY TV 13/22
Wednesday, August 13
9:00am:​Senior Picnic 2014

12:00pm:​Consumer Affairs w/ Barbara Anthony
12:30pm:​Joe’s Jazz & Blues Fest
1:30pm:​Congressional Update
2:00pm:​Family Fun Day
2:15pm: ​Pride Flag Raising
2:30pm:​East Somerville Walking Tour

6:30pm:​SomerViva em Português
7:00pm:​National Night Out 2014
8:00pm:​Congressional Update
8:30pm:​Art Beat 2014
10:00pm:​Family Fun Day

Thursday, August 14
12:00am:​National Night Out 2014
1:00am:​Congressional Update
1:30am:​Art Beat 2014
3:00am:​Family Fun Day

9:00am:​National Night Out 2014
10:00am:​Ward 4 Spring ResiStat Meeting

12:00pm:​Senior Circuit
12:30pm:​Sit & Be Fit: All American Workout
1:00pm:​SomerViva en Espanol
1:30pm:​Voices of Somerville
2:00pm:​Art Beat 2014

6:30pm:​Senior Picnic 2014
7:45pm:​East Somerville Walking Tour
8:45pm:​SomerStreets: Highland Ave.
9:00pm:​Voices of Somerville
9:30pm:​Consumer Affairs w/ Barbara Anthony
10:00pm:​SomerViva em Português

Friday, August 15
12:00am:​Senior Picnic 2014
12:30am:​East Somerville Walking Tour
1:30am:​Voices of Somerville
2:00am:​Consumer Affairs w/ Barbara Anthony
2:30am:​SomerViva em Português

9:00am:​Congressional Update

12:00pm:​Independence Day Fireworks & Celebration
1:30pm:​Congressional Update
2:00pm:​Art Beat 2014
3:30pm:​Union Sq. Walking Tour

6:30pm:​Walter Shute Square Dedication
6:45pm:​Family Fun Day
7:00pm:​Consumer Affairs w/ Barbara Anthony
7:30pm:​East Somerville Walking Tour
8:30pm:​Independence Day Fireworks & Celebration
10:00pm:​Pride Flag Raising

Saturday, August 16
12:00am:​Walter Shute Square Dedication
12:15am:​Family Fun Day
12:30am:​Consumer Affairs w/ Barbara Anthony
1:00am:​East Somerville Walking Tour
2:00am:​Independence Day Fireworks & Celebration

9:00am:​Voices of Somerville

12:00pm:​Art Beat 2014
1:30pm:​Union Square Walking Tour
2:30pm:​Ward 3 ResiStat Spring Meeting
3:30pm:​SomerViva em Português

6:00pm:​Independence Day Fireworks & Celebration
7:30pm:​Voices of Somerville
8:00pm:​SomerViva em Português
8:30pm​National Night Out 2014
9:30pm:​Taste of Somerville
10:00pm:​Family Fun Day

Sunday, August 17
12:00am:​Voices of Somerville
12:30am:​SomerViva em Português
1:00am:​National Night Out 2014
2:00am:​Taste of Somerville
2:30am:​Independence Day Fireworks & Celebration

9:00am:​Sit & Be Fit: All American Workout
9:30am:​Joe’s Jazz & Blues Fest

12:00pm:​Senior Circuit
12:30pm:​Sit & Be Fit: All American Workout
1:00pm:​Congressional Update
1:30pm:​Senior Picnic 2014
2:30pm:​Art Beat 2014

7:00pm:​Senior Circuit
7:30pm:​Sit & Be Fit: All American Workout
8:00pm:​Senior Picnic 2014
9:00pm:​National Night Out 2014
10:00pm:​Voices of Somerville
10:30pm:​Family Fun Day

Monday, August 18
12:00am:​Senior Circuit
12:30am:​Sit & Be Fit: All American Workout
1:00am:​Senior Picnic 2014
1:30am:​National Night Out 2014
2:30am:​Voices of Somerville

9:00am:​Ward 3 Spring ResiStat Meeting

12:00pm:​SomerViva: Haitian Creole
12:30pm:​Prospect Hill Walking Tour
1:30pm:​Voices of Somerville
2:00pm:​Ward 4 Spring ResiStat Meeting

6:30pm:​SomerViva en Espanol
7:00pm:​Ward 4 Spring ResiStat Meeting
8:20pm:​Family Fun Day
8:30pm:​Joe’s Jazz & Blues Fest
9:30pm:​Art Beat 2014

Tuesday, August 19
12:00am:​SomerViva en Espanol
12:30am:​Art Beat 2014
2:00am:​Joe’s Jazz & Blues Fest
3:00am:​Walter Shute Square Dedication

9:00am:​Independence Day Fireworks & Celebration

12:00pm:​Senior Circuit
12:30pm:​Sit & Be Fit: Diabetes Workout
1:00pm:​Art Beat 2014
2:30pm:​2014 Somerville Historic Preservation Awards

6:30pm:​Voices of Somerville
7:00pm:​Senior Circuit
7:30pm:​Senior Picnic 2014
8:30pm:​Congressional Update
9:00pm:​SomerViva em Português
9:30pm:​Mayor’s Business Town Meeting

12:00am:​Senior Circuit
12:30am:​Sit & Be Fit: All American Workout
1:00am:​Art Beat 2014
2:30am:​Mayor’s Business Town Meeting


Wednesday, August 13
9:00am:​String Camp Final Concert
11:00am:​Kennedy Show Drama Club: Schoolhouse Rock
1:00pm:​Highlander Boys Basketball 2013-14
2:00pm:​WSNS Science Fair
3:00pm:​SHS National Honor Society Induction Ceremony
5:00pm:​Capuano Center Kindergarten Spring Concert

6:00pm:​String Camp Final Concert
7:30pm:​Highlander Boys Basketball 2013-14
8:00pm:​WSNS Science Fair
9:00pm:​SHS Scholarship Awards Night
11:00pm:​Highlander Forum – Scholarship

Thursday, August 14
12:00am:​2014 SHS Spring Concert
2:00am:​Highlander Boys Basketball 2013-14

9:00am:​Spring String Fling
10:00am:​SHS Football 2013
11:00am:​Our Schools, Our City – Preparing for HS
12:00pm:​WHCIS Spring Concert
1:00pm:​GBL Dual Outdoor Track Meet
3:00pm:​2nd Annual World Language Awards Night
4:00pm:​kid stuff – Boathouse
5:00pm:​SHS Football 2013

6:00pm:​Our Schools, Our City – Preparing for HS
7:00pm:​WHCIS Spring Concert
8:00pm:​GBL Dual Outdoor Track Meet
10:00pm:​2nd Annual World Language Awards Night
11:00pm:​SHS CTE Open House

Friday, August 15
12:00am:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony
1:00am:​SCALE Graduation 2014
3:00am:​7th & 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Finals
3:45am:​7th & 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Finals

9:00am:​String Camp Final Concert
11:00am:​SCALE Graduation 2014
12:00pm:​2014 SHS Class Day
2:00pm:​2014 SHS Graduation
4:00pm:​String Camp Final Concert

6:00pm:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony
7:00pm:​SCALE Graduation 2014
8:00pm:​Brown School Spring Concert
9:00pm:​2014 SHS Class Day
11:00pm:​Raising Families – Wicked Sober

Saturday, August 16
12:00am:​Common Core State Standards for Education
1:00am:​SCALE Graduation 2014
2:00am:​Somerville School Day Games

9:00am:​String Camp Final Concert
10:00am:​Kennedy School K-3 Spring Concert
10:30am:​Kennedy School 4-8 Spring Concert
12:00pm:​SCALE Graduation 2014
1:00pm:​All City District Track Meet, Grades 3-8
3:00pm:​7th & 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Finals
3:45pm:​7th & 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Finals

5:00pm:​String Camp Final Concert
6:30pm:​Capuano Center Kindergarten Spring Concert
7:30pm:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony
8:30pm:​Somerville School Day Games
9:30pm:​WHCIS Spring Concert
10:15pm:​7th & 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball Finals
10:45pm:​7th & 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball Finals

Sunday, August 17
12:00am:​Somerville School Day Games
1:00am:​Raising Families – Wicked Sober
1:30am:​kid stuff – Boathouse

9:00am:​WSNS Annual Spring Concert
10:00am:​WHCIS Spring Concert
11:00am:​Chris Herren Speaks to SHS
12:00pm:​An Evening of Chamber Music​
1:00pm:​2nd Annual World Language Awards Night
2:00pm:​WSNS Science Fair
3:00pm:​Lady Highlander Basketball 2013-14

4:00pm:​SHS Multicultural Fair
5:00pm:​WSNS Annual Spring Concert
6:00pm:​WHCIS Spring Concert
7:00pm:​Chris Herren Speaks to SHS
8:30pm:​SHS Football 2013
10:00pm:​WSNS Science Fair
11:00pm:​Lady Highlander Basketball 2013-14

Monday, August 18
12:00am:​SHS Multicultural Fair
1:30am:​All City District Track Meet, Grades 3-8
3:00am:​All City Middle School Spring Concert

9:00am:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony
10:00am:​SCALE Graduation 2014
11:00am:​Somerville School Day Games
12:00pm:​ESCS Spring Concert
2:00pm:​kid stuff – Boathouse
2:30pm:​SHS Football 2013
3:00pm:​Kennedy School presents The Secret Garden
4:00pm:​Brown School Spring Concert

5:00pm:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony
6:00pm:​SCALE Graduation 2014
7:00pm:​Somerville School Day Games
8:00pm:​ESCS Spring Concert
10:00pm:​kid stuff – Boathouse
10:30pm:​SHS Football 2013
11:00pm:​Kennedy School presents The Secret Garden

Tuesday, August 19
12:00am:​MIAA State Final SHS Boys Soccer v W Springfield
3:00am:​Chris Herren Speaks to SHS

9:00am:​SCALE Graduation 2014
10:00am:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony
11:00am:​Healey School K-2 Spring Concert
11:30am:​Argenziano School Memorial Day Concert
12:00pm:​String Camp Final Concert
1:30pm:​Little League 75th Anniversary & All-Star Game
3:00pm:​SCALE Graduation 2014
4:00pm:​WHCIS Moving Forward Ceremony

5:00pm:​Healey School K-2 Spring Concert
5:30pm:​Argenziano School Memorial Day Concert
6:00pm:​Chris Herren Speaks to SHS
7:00pm:​String Camp Final Concert
8:30pm:​Argenziano School Heritage Night Concert
9:30pm:​SFLC Workshop -Ages & Stages: Middle School Changes

12:00am:​SFLC Workshop: Brain Development of Teens
1:30am:​SHS Friends of Asian Culture Club’s Asian Night!
2:30am:​ESCS African-American History Month Assemblies

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