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DeSouza Arrest

On the above time and day, I was dispatched to Gilman St. for a report of indecent exposure. I was informed by
dispatch that the alleged offender was a white male wearing a white shirt and cargo shorts. I was also informed that this individual was still in the area.

Upon arrival in the area, I observed two females standing outside on Gilman St. These females immediately began point towards the corner of Gilman St. and Cross St. where an individual was standing. I exited my vehicle and proceeded to that location where I encountered a white male wearing a white shirt and orange cargo shorts. This individual who was later identified as Mr. Tiago DeSouza appeared to be extremely intoxicated and unsteady on his feet. I then escorted Mr. DeSouza back to my cruiser having to grab him by the arm several times to keep him from falling. While engaging Mr. DeSouza in conversation, I detected a very strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath. Upon ensuring that Mr. DeSouza had no weapons on him, I sat him in the rear seat of my cruiser. When asked what he was doing in the area, he stated “I didn’t do anything wrong, just want to go to my house”.

While speaking to Mr. DeSouza, I was approached by the victim and her mother, the victims in this case. She stated that she and her daughter had just stepped into the yard when they observed Mr. DeSouza standing on the sidewalk outside their fence. Mr. DeSouza attempted to engage them in conversation saying ” what’s up, hey what’s up”. They responded by saying ” What”. Mr. DeSouza then stated ” I Know who you are.” and began unzippering his pants. They stated that Mr. DeSouza then pulled out his penis. According to the victim, she was extremely shocked and disgusted and quickly opened the door to get her daughter into the house. Upon closing the door, she utilized the peep hole on the door to see if Mr. DeSouza was still standing there. She then noticed that Mr. DeSouza was still standing there and initially thought that he was going to urinate but did not. She stated that Mr. DeSouza continued to pulled down his shorts completely exposing his genitals. Mr. DeSouza then began gyrating his hips. Her daughter then called 911 and Mr. DeSouza began walking away. Mr. DeSouza proceed up Gilman St. towards and stopped at the corner which is approximately 25-30 yards from the victims residence.

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