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Lepenn Arrest

On the above date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, was assigned to Patrol Area East-1 and operating
marked cruiser 186 in full uniform. At approximately 12:28 AM I was driving on McGrath Highway, northbound when I observed a blue van (MA registration traveling northbound in the center lane proceed through the red light signal, failing to stop, at the intersection of Highland Ave.

The northbound lane at this intersection consists of two left turn only lanes and three straight only lanes. The traffic signal had been solid red prior to the van reaching the intersection and there was a vehicle stopped in each of the other four lanes as the van drove through the red traffic signal.

I activated the emergency lights and siren and pulled behind the van which continued to travel in the center lane for about 200 yards and then entered the right hand lane and finally coming to a stop another 200 yards down the road.

The van was stopped in the middle of the right hand lane. As I contacted Somerville dispatch to provide my location, reason for the motor vehicle stop, and the vehicle’s plate #, I could hear both a female and male voice yelling loudly from the vehicle. I exited my cruiser and approached the vehicle from the passenger side for my own safety against vehicles passing by. I continued to hear loud yelling coming from the van.

I knocked on the passenger window and directed the passenger to roll down the window. He stated that the window was broken and opened the passenger door. I immediately detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle. I then asked the driver identified via MA driver’s license as Ebony Chaance Lepenn for her license and the vehicle’s registration and informed her that she failed to stop at the red light back at the Highland Ave. intersection. I observed that Lepenn’s eyes were red and glassy. She provided me with the citation and then said in a loud and aggressive manner “what! you want my license too? what the fuck? why are you on that side of the car?” I observed Lepenn’s speech to be slurred.

I informed Lepenn that I was on the passenger side of the vehicle for my own safety from traffic passing by. I then asked her again for her license. Lepenn then said in a loud agitated manner “what red light? I didn’t go through any fucking red light!” I again explained to her that she proceeded through a red light two intersections back.

As she looked for her license I asked Lepenn where she was coming from. She said she was coming from “wherever. what does it matter?” She located her license and provided it to me.

At this time, Officer Rivera (East-4) arrived on scene to assist me. I handed Officer Rivera Lepenn’s license and the vehicle’s registration which he took back to his cruiser to conduct queries of the documents provided via the CJIS RMV database. With Officer Rivera’s cruiser angled to block the right hand travel lane Lepenn had stopped in, I approached the driver’s side window. Lepenn looked at me and said “why the fuck are you at my window?” I explained to her that I was waiting for Officer Rivera to conduct the information searches via his cruiser’s computer. I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating directly from Lepenn’s breath as she continued to speak with slurred speech. Lepenn then opened up a plastic food container and picked up a handful of some type of rice and began eating the food with her hand. At the same time, Lepenn pulled out a cell phone and placed a phone call to someone yelling into the phone.

At this time, I had probable cause to believe that Lepenn was operating under the influence of alcohol. I asked Lepenn to put the cell phone down so I could speak with her directly, which she refused. I then directed Lepenn, to exit the vehicle, which she replied “fuck you I ain’t doing shit!”, and continued to yell into the phone. I explained to Lepenn that due to her operation, her red eyes,slurred speech, and the odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath I had probable cause to believe she had been drinking and needed to conduct field sobriety testing. Lepenn continued to refuse to exit the vehicle while yelling and swearing at me in a loud and tumultuous manner. Lepenn then shut her phone off and said “fine I’ll get out”. She removed her seat belt and exited the vehicle.

Lepenn stumbled as she walked away from the car. I had to direct her to the sidewalk as she began to walk into the street. Vehicles were stopping and slowing down in both directions looking on as Lepenn continued to yell and swear in a loud agitated manner as we walked over to the sidewalk.

Once on the sidewalk Lepenn grew even more agitated while continuing to stumble and yell. I attempted many times to explain to her that I wanted her to perform field sobriety tests, but she would not look at me and almost fell back off the curb as she continued to yell insults and vulgarities at myself, Officer Rivera, and Officer Goncalves in a tumultuous manner. I again asked her if she would perform field sobriety tests and she answered “fuck you I ain’t doing shit. I’m not doing any tests”.

Residents from nearby houses had come out onto their porch and were looking on along with passing vehicles which continued to slow down and look over at us. I informed Lepenn that she needed to calm down or she would be charged with disorderly conduct. She continued to yell and swear and kept walking in an unsteady circular manner bumping me and Officer Goncalves with her hands and shoulders.

After several attempts to get Lepenn to stand in one spot and listen to what I was trying to explain to her she aggressively walked away again toward the street yelling in an agitated manner.

I attempted several times to inform Lepenn why she was under arrest, but due to her aggressive actions and loud yelling of swears and insults, I was unable to do so.

Officer Goncalves conducted a pat frisk of Lepenn during which she discovered a concealed knife in Lepenn’s left front pant pocket.

Unit 200 (Officer Beckford) arrived and Lepenn was transported to the Somerville Police Satiation. The vehicle operated by Lepenn was towed from the scene by Pats Towing. I took possession of the knife and logged it into evidence according to procedure.

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