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A wise woman once said: “If you change nothing, nothing will change.” I think she’s onto something.

A week or three back in this very column, I was bitching about how things have changed over the years in our quaint little ville. What I should have done was explain how everything in life evolves to where it was always meant to be – and it’s not always the outcome you had hoped, but that’s on you.

Okay, before you think I am a sell-out by advocating the “roll over and take it” attitude in life, let what I typed seep into your brain for a few minutes. I’m not saying it’s okay to just lay down your pride and give in every time something difficult comes your way, I’m just saying that on the train of life, unless you purposely derail it, it’s going to lead you somewhere other than right here, right now.

Unless of course you’re Bill Murray in that movie. You know the one.

Unless of course you’re Bill Murray in that movie. You know the one.

Enough of that. As I was saying, my philosophy about the train traveling down the tracks is viable. If you just let the train ride along, without any input, it’s bound to take you to a place you never intended – you need to actually take an active role in how the train gets there. You need to take an active role in your life. That means making decisions that require you to be accountable for your actions, as well.

Some people have a big problem with that last part. They’ve never been held accountable for any of the idiotic things that they have done, for years. That gives them an enhanced sense of entitlement and leads to a delusional take on life. It’s really quite sad.

Not quite as sad as telling lies about your own child just to retain some warped sense of self, but, that’s a topic for another day.

I have always owned my actions, good or bad – no matter what the consequences were. That’s just me. I clearly didn’t learn that from any paternal influence in my life growing up – it was kind of built in, I guess – and not so much in my genes. I have always been of the opinion that not every our kids learn about what’s good and bad comes from their parents – sure, there’s no discounting what you are exposed to, but I don’t believe it’s the absolute explanation for behavior, good or bad, in children as they become adults. If you have kids, at one point or another, you have wondered why they did the things they do – it’s kind of the same concept, when you think about it.

If you spend enough time trolling my page, assuming you’re not on my 1,000 person strong Blocked List, you will find interesting bits and pieces about who I am – and not just from these rant columns I have been writing for years – you will find pictures, comedy and bits like “The Art of Assclown War by Sun Tzu Norton.” It’s seems a lot sillier than it actually is. Maybe I will put excerpts in this column someday. Who knows. For now, enjoy this:

“It is not just our natural curiosity to ruminate the personal proclivities of others, but rather, our built-in desire to suppress the inherent nature of our petty jealousies…that drives us to make the social and personal commentary we so easily make towards others we have no real knowledge of.”

I guess the whole point of this column is to share my thoughts on life – on how we should all take the sense of entitlement out of our daily behavior, install a modicum of humility and learn how to be humble. Or just keep acting like an assclown, dummy – it seems to be working for you. #GMK

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