The Somerville News Weekly and The Somerville Lions Club are teaming up with “Somerville Overcoming Addiction”




We are proud to announce that we here at The Somerville News Weekly and The Somerville Lions Club will soon be holding free public screenings of the documentary “The Anonymous People” in the weeks to come!

Overdose prevention and Narcan training will be one of our top priority as we seek to help our community respond to the growing drug epidemic that has plagued us for years.

We are a diverse group that includes people living in recovery, families affected by substance use, and concerned citizens.

We believe that our diversity is our strength and will help us in our community building efforts.

We are determined to make a difference in any way that we can. “

We are personally committed to fighting addiction by raising awareness or whatever it takes if it will stop just one person from being hurt or worse murdered like Christopher Sousa, who was murdered by someone on drugs.

Christopher was murdered at the Mystic Projects by an alleged drug abuser.

Drug abuse and the violence associated with it has to stop.” says SOA member Nancy Medeiros.

Follow us as we will be arranging screenings of Anonymous People, a feature documentary film about the more than 23 million Americans living in long-term recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction.

Deeply entrenched social stigma they have kept recovery voices silent and faces hidden for decades.

Here is a link to the trailer: The Anonymous People – Official Trailer
WHAT: Overdose Prevention & Narcan Training – Then screening of The Anonymous People

Somerville Overcoming Addiction
Somerville, MA

For more info or to get more involved email Somerville News Publisher and Somerville Lions President Billy Tauro at: or call him at (617)293-2016

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