Mitt Romney: GOP Zombie By Neil W. McCabe

It did not please me to hear that W. Mitt Romney is back making the rounds.
Five days before the 2012 presidential election, I got the dial-in for former
Massachusetts governor’s last conference call with heavy contributors. It is still painful to hear the optimism of Romney joking with his pollster about all the different ways they could win the White House.
Somewhere along my path, I heard: “The man, who is always laughing has not yet been told the horrible news.” My sources in the Romney campaign told me when the great man arrived at his victory party, he was still grinning and curious about the awkward mood he found there.
Let’s review some decisions Romney made on his way to second place:
• Spiked powerful Benghazi ad;
• Endorsed Obamacare;
• Spiked discussion of “Fast and Furious” scandal;
• Endorsed amnesty for illegal aliens;
• Spiked discussion of abortion, gay marriage or the restoration of gun rights.
Oh, Romney also banned Sarah Palin from the Republican Convention and went out of his way to prove he could win without her. He also treated George W. Bush like a pariah, which was strange since Bush won two more terms in the White House than Romney did.
Certainly, both Bush and Palin would have helped in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan—all states that Romney told his contributors he would win five days before the election.
Let me just make this other point as a matter of pure politics. In the four states that traditional marriage was on the ballot, it lost. But, in each of those states, the traditional marriage outpolled Romney. In Maryland, traditional marriage beat Romney by 12 points.
Why did we think the people running the Romney campaign were so smart?
Why are we hearing that Romney is the guy for 2016?
Let me update you about the former Bay State governor. As we live and breathe, he has strengthened his support for amnesty for illegal aliens as President Barack Obama brings 300,000 new illegals into this country by his fiat.
As the midterms approach, Romney is campaigning for former senator Scott P. Brown, who is running in the New Hampshire Republican primary against former Granite State senator Robert C. Smith.
During his tenure in the Senate, Smith was one of most gallant defenders of gun rights in modern history. It was Smith, who fought for the Flight Deck Officer program that brought back armed pilots.
Brown, although he was elected to replace Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy Sr., in 2010 with the support of the National Rifle Association, was a vicious opponent of gun rights. Brown regularly caucused with Democrats on major issues, and when national concealed carry was debated in the House, he wrote an open letter denouncing it. This is the man Romney wants back in the Senate, not Smith.
Going back to 2012, the question is whether it is better to have Obama, and his pinball machine governance or Romney?
As crazy as it may sound, I prefer Obama—if only because Obama does not mislead me or lull me into thinking the nation is on the right path. With nothing to gain or lose, Romney has regressed to his natural liberal self. In the White House, he would be the same liberal, but just lying to us.
Things are bad, but imagine the Romney White House muscling Republicans to implement all of the corporate-scripted policies attributed to Obama.
If Romney becomes the 2016 Republican nominee again, the only explanation is that he has eaten our brains.

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