Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Perez Arrest

On the above date and time, while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit East 2, I was dispatched to Pearl St for an unwanted. Unit West 5 (Ofc Canty) was also dispatched to the same location.

Upon my arrival, Ofc Canty was speaking to three individuals at the corner of Pearl St and Bradley. The current incident was the third time in the last hour, that myself and Ofc Canty had responded to the same address and for the same circumstances of an unwanted person by the same reporting party.

While Ofc Canty was waiting for one of the individuals to gather his belongings, one of the individuals became boisterous. The individual was later identified to be Antonio Perez of Sewall St and from now on, known as the defendant. The defendant was asking me, how come his friend was being arrested. I explained to the defendant, that no one was being arrested. All myself and Ofc Canty wanted, was for the group to walk away from Pearl St. However, the defendant kept asking me, how come his friend was being arrested. After explaining to the defendant, for a second time, that no one was being arrested, at which time the defendant walked towards me stopping inches from my face and demanded an answer to his question. I explained for a third time, that no one was being arrested and to please leave the area. Finally, the group dispersed and two of the individuals walked away together on Bradley St towards Broadway. However, as both individuals were walking away, then both quickly, turned around and began to walk back to our location. I asked again to just leave the area and again both individuals began walk away. This is when I noticed a couple of residents come to their window to see what the outside commotion was. As the individuals were walking away, the defendant turned with his right hand in the air screaming, “Fuck the police”.

Subsequently, the defendant was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

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