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Coiley Arrest

About 0032 hours on Friday, 07/04/14, while assigned as Delta Fifteen within the Somerville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, I,
Detective DiFronzo, along with Detective’s McDaid and Faria, Officer’s Rego in marked unit #181, Messaoudi in marked unit #183, and Sgt. Tam in marked unit #668, responded to Kent Street for a report of a past assault.

Upon arrival, this investigator was approached by Officer Rego who stated that prior to his arrival at the above stated address, his attention was drawn to a black male and white female standing at the corner of Beacon & Kent Street, Somerville. The officer stated that the victim was hunched over experiencing pain and bleeding profusely from his mouth. The officer stated that he attempted to speak with the victim but do to his injuries he was unable to do so.

As Officer Rego inspected further, he observed a laceration to the victim’s abdomen area and noted that several teeth were missing from his mouth. Cataldo Ambulance arrived on scene along with the Somerville Fire Department and the victim was transported to Cambridge City Hospital. It was learned that do to the extensive trauma sustained to the victim’s mouth, he was then transported to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Officer Rego spoke with the witness. The witness stated that she and the victim had just come from an apartment on Kent Street but was unable to provide the officer with a floor or an apartment number. The witness also stated that the victim was stabbed with a knife and hit repeatedly in the face with what appeared to be a long brown stick, similar to a bed rail, as they attempted to gain access into a unknown apartment.

Officer Rego and Sgt. Tam obtained additional information from Somerville Dispatch and entered the lobby area of Kent Street. The officers immediately observed several reddish brown droplets consistent with that of human blood on the lobby floor and followed a trail that led them to an apartment.

As the officers knocked on the door, they were greeted by an occupant of record of the said apartment. Officer Rego stated that as they entered the apartment they observed a Sean Coiley subsequently identified as the defendant in this matter accompanied by a female lying in a bed. A protective sweep of the apartment was conducted and officers observed additional reddish brown droplets that is consistent with that human blood on the kitchen and bathroom floors.

All parties denied involvement and or knowledge of any altercation that may have taken place in or outside of the apartment. Based on the potential evidence within the apartment and the extent of injuries to the victim, law enforcement personnel (detectives) were notified. Officer Messaoudi secured and monitored the scene.

As part of my investigation I learned the following:

Per my request, Detective McDaid responded to the Massachusetts General Hospital in an attempt to interview the victim and any other potential witnesses that may have been present during the time this incident occurred. It was learned that the victim stated to the detective that he was attacked by a white male and a black male inside of Kent Street as he attempted to gain access into an unknown apartment. He further stated that one of the unknown males stabbed him in the abdomen and the other used a long brown stick or bed post that was about 4 or 5 ft in length and repeatedly speared him in his mouth with the blunt object. The victim stated that he did not know why he was attacked and was very evasive as to why he entered the Kent Street building.

Detective McDaid also spoke with the charge nurse at the MGH, Ellison 4 SICU (security intensive care unit), who stated that the victim sustained a laceration to the left side of his abdomen and also sustained extensive trauma to his mouth area. The detective learned that the victim had a split palette, lost several teeth, and the remainder of his teeth were forced back into his mouth requiring emergency surgery. The attending physician stated that the severe trauma to the victim’s mouth was caused by a blunt object. The injuries were non life threatening but permanent disfigurement was likely. The detective seized the victim’s clothing it was entered into evidence

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