Real Life Somerville Police Stories


MacInnes Arrest

On the afternoon of Friday, July, 04, 2014 I, was assigned to marked unit E-3. At approximately 12:20 hrs, I,
received a call from Somerville dispatch asking me to check the condition of a white male sitting on the bench across from Highland Avenue. Somerville dispatch had received an anonymous call that a white male was selling pills. As I made my to Highland Avenue, I observed a white male approximately 6’0″ tall having trouble standing up.

I, parked the marked police vehicle a few feet from the white male, later identified as Christopher Macinnes. Mr. Macinnes immediately threw his arms up in the air and shouted ” What the fuck!” I informed Mr. Macinnes that I was there to simply check on his condition. He again shouted ” What the fuck!” It was very apparent given my training and experience that Mr. Macinnes was under the influence of some type of controlled substance. After he calmed down, I informed him of the claim that someone had call in. Mr. Macginnes stated ” There not illegal, I have a prescription!”

It was at this point Officer Tieves, Officer Schneider and Officer Gardner had shown up to assist. I asked Mr. Macinnes if he could be more specific about ” His prescription?” he replied, “Colonadine.” I asked Mr. Macinnes if he minded being pat frisked for officer safety reasons, he replied ” No.” As I conducted the frisk I located the bottle that he mentioned in his right front pants pocket, along with a clear plastic knotted baggie containing a white powdery substance believed to heroin. Mr. Macinnes immediately became defensive and was placed in to handcuffs for safety reasons.

A search of the orange prescription bottle, label removed showed 51 small white pills with the marking ” Aylan 152.” Once again he became very agitated, shouting ” Those are mine, I need them.” He was asked if he had a valid prescription for them, and he stated ” I got them from a guy.” Mr. Macinnes was placed under arrest for the crime of Possession class “E” and possession class “A.”

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