Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Cargill Arrest

On July 1, 2014 at approx 7:19 PM I was dispatched with Officer Tim Sullivan to McGrath Hwy to assist Cambridge Police with a disorderly
group. Upon arrival as I exited my vehicle I was approached by a female, later identified as Marsha Cargill, who ripped up a piece of paper and threw it in my face yelling,” Here is your $1400 dollars now leave me the fuck alone.” I asked what was wrong and she started yelling, ” Somerville Cops Suck that s whats wrong now take your money and Fuck Off.”
At this time we were at Twin City Plaza bordering Gold Star Mothers Park located feet away in Cambridge. There were small children playing and people enjoying the park activities. As she continued her tirade people started gathering and watching and others were grabbing their children and leaving the area because of Ms. Cargill and her vulgar language.
After numerous attempts to calm Cargill and have her stop using vulgar language and screaming I placed her under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. I then spoke with 3 Cambridge Police Officers who observed Cargill and a female friend drinking Bud Light beer from bottles in the parking lot next to the park. That is when they requested assistance from Somerville Police and we were dispatched.
Ms Cargill stated she had a cat in her vehicle and she wanted me to let her take it with her to jail. I then got her female friend to place the cat in a carrier and take care of her until Cargill returns.

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