Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Padilla Arrest

At approximately 9:19pm on June 30, 2014 I Officer Salvatore Fusco in the Somerville East 1 Patrol car was dispatched to Mystic Ave. along with
Officer Brioso (East3) and Officer W. Collette( West5) for a report of a woman being assaulted. Upon arrival we were having difficulty gaining access to the building and a unidentified male let us in and said that we should get up there as he was the one who called and that the female was getting beaten. We then went to the apartment and knocked on the door which was answered by a female. As she opened the door and came into view it was obvious that she had been crying as her eyes were puffy and red.

After she opened the door Officer Brioso and I went into the apartment and Officer W. Collette asked her if he can speak to her outside the apartment. Officer Brioso and I approached a black male later identified as Edwin Padilla and asked him what was going on as we received a report for a disturbance .Edwin Padilla said that he and his girlfriend had been arguing and that he did not hit her. We told him that we were there to find out what had occurred. He then went on to say that they were just arguing because she had not been home in a few days and again stated several times that he did not hit her.

While Officer Brioso and I were in the apartment Officer W. Collette came in from the hall and told me that the victim had said that Edwin Padilla had punched her in the face. After hearing the statement from Officer Collette which Edwin Padilla had overheard Edwin Padilla said am I getting arrested to which I replied yes. Edwin Padilla then stood up and place his hands behind him and allowed me to handcuff him after which he was pat frisked for weapons by myself and Officer Brioso.

As we were awaiting the prisoner transport wagon Edwin Padilla became agitated and kept saying that she was screwing him and that he was going to go away for two years. While seated on the sofa in the apartment Edwin Padilla jumped up quickly and ran into a sliding door which led out to a balcony as he attempted to escape from us. He was unsuccessful in breaking through the glass doors and he suffered a laceration above his right eye. As we were awaiting for medical personnel which I requested, Edwin Padilla kept repeating that he was going to go away for two years and that she was just trying to screw him.

While awaiting for medical personnel Officer’s Brioso and Collette watched over Edwin Padilla as I spoke to the victim to gather more information from her. She told me that she and Edwin Padilla were arguing and an unknown friend of his had told him not to hit her. She said that she and Edwin Padilla went into the bathroom where they were speaking when he punched her in the face above the nose. She went on to say that after she left the bathroom that he threw a set of keys at her which also struck her in the face. It was while I was speaking to her that I learned that she was pregnant and she told me that he was adamant about her getting an abortion and kept insisting on it. I asked her if she wanted to be seen by medical personnel to which she replied no. I then spoke to her about requesting a restraining order and she said that she would be going to the court house in the morning to get one.

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