Conservatives singing Magnolia Blues By Neil W. McCabe

First of all, please have a fantastic Fourth of July.
When I was a kid, I assumed my father insisted that my parents’ wedding was
on July 4, 1964 because he was a patriot. The adult-me thinks he did it, so that he never forgot his anniversary.
On the silly side, try this one on the kids:
You: Why is the fourth of July.
Kid: (Whatever they say.)
You: No, J is the first of July, U is the second of July, L is the third of July and Y is the fourth of July.
The final word on the June 24 runoff in Mississippi is that regardless of irregularities and filthy, filthy tactics by the National Republican Senate Committee, the Mississippi Republican Party and the campaign of Sen. W. Thad Cochran: Cochran is the nominee.
In December, I posted a poll showing the race to be a 40-40-20 split with one fifth of Republicans undecided. The news, of course, was that old lion Cochran was in trouble.
Other Republican senators who had betrayed the conservatives, who got them elected were in trouble, too. But, there was something special about state Sen. Christopher B. McDaniel that gave him a real shot.
In the end, McDaniel was the only shot.
In fact, the only real victory by a conservative this cycle was the takedown of GOP House Majority Leader Eric I. Cantor by Randolph Macon’s Prof. David A. Brat.
News flash: Brat is not Tea Party and he is libertarian, not conservative.
Remember, the big beef conservatives have with Republicans is that once they go to Washington, they marry with the natives and join the big government family.
I am pleased to report that Brat has not yet been elected, let alone sworn in to represent the well-off Richmond, Virginia suburbs—and he already fired his campaign manager and caused a senior advisor to quit. Why? Seems Brat is hiring former Cantor staffers and just signed a deal with a major direct-mail/e-mail fundraiser.
Look for his scary email appeals coming to a spam box near you.
There you have it, the one guy conservatives thought they could celebrate turned out to be a tool like the rest.
Back in the Magnolia State, my comrades-in-arms refuse to give up the Lost Cause.

I encourage conservatives to investigate exactly how things went down down there–not only for lessons learned, but to call out the Republican operatives for their undying, unceasing war on conservatives.
But, McDaniel was beaten and however it happened, it happened.
In the last weeks of the campaign, in my capacity as the show’s Washington editor, I offered the McDaniel campaign the chance to come on to Armed American Radio. The show’s host, Mark Walters, who is a great friend of Guns & Patriots and has written for us a number of times, was completely into it and told me McDaniel was welcome anytime.
In the end, McDaniel did not come on the show. I am not saying that coming on a show broadcast on 200 stations across the nation would have put McDaniel over-the-top, but it would not have hurt him. My guess is that with polls showing McDaniel ahead, the campaign went into prevent defense.
In the June 3 primary, McDaniel beat Cochran by 1,300 votes. In the June 24 runoff, Cochran beat his challenger by 7,000 votes.
There have to be 10,000 gun owners in Mississippi, who stayed home that day.
Over and over again, we see politicians shying away from the fight to restore gun rights. No one has ever loss an election because they were too strong in favor of gun rights. Plenty have lost because they did not support gun rights enough.
That said, we should not hold our breath waiting for Cochran to carry his own phony national concealed carry bill across the finish line.
Speaking of breath, maybe Cochran should not be sleeping around cats either. #justsaying

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