Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Just because you are sad, that doesn’t make you sorry, however, because you’re sorry, you are sad.

Think about it…that one line is the hailing call, the anthem if you will, of life in the middle of the rumor mill in this city. Like the annual running of the bulls, it’s like the running of the socially inept and intellectually impotent – a mini Greek Tragedy of sorts – minus the cultural identity and historical continuity – of course.

Its a tug of war that was borne from the demise of old school, almost gangster-like mentality that ruled and governed these parts for decades through gambling, drug dealing and the upper echelon of the power pyramid – politics. As in all things that have longevity, there was always this ebb and flow between the two larger camps in the city, but which seems to slip away more and more as the election cycles go sailing past.

When I mention politics, it covers a wide range of people – not just politicians – there’s only a handful of them anyways. I’m talking about the people behind the players – the pawnbrokers of power – that can fix tickets, get people jobs, get other people fired, can raise money, can rally people together behind a common goal or person in office, people who know how to write good campaign literature and yes even those who can print whatever they want in their newspapers and call it journalism. Or better yet, hide behind it. Yes, there’s always room at the table for even the wildest of wildcards, because they don’t know when they’re being played…even when they think they’re the ones playing the trump cards.

In life there are consequences that you must take into account every single time you do something outside the normal thought process, especially when there are others involved. You have no control over how people will react to what you’ve done. It might create a false sense of power to have never been called to task for your wrongdoings, but, you can’t escape karma. Ever.

Some are always quick to yank out the old cliché about people in glass houses…you will never hear me say something like that, because every house is different – whether its made with glass or cards or illusions – and at the end of the day you must pay the mortgage of karma and the interest of drama. You can’t escape it.

An old friend of mine named Sal once told me that the true test of wealth was the complete elimination of debt – and he believed that everything we do in life comes with both a price and a cost – the difference between the two is the measure of who you are as a human being. That was a very profound thing to say to someone so randomly – as we stood there in the kitchen of some woman I didn’t even know in Winthrop many years ago.

I had never shared that important piece of wisdom with anyone before, but as the years go by, I find myself to be almost the same age today as Sal was when he shared his knowledge and wisdom with me. It was fun working with him, having coffee and talking about nothing, but everything, all at the same time. It was one Hell of a lot better than the inane conversations and deluded psycho-babble I was used to hearing day in and day out.

I could sit here ranting to you, feeling a bit cocky, and advising people to smarten up and get your shit together, but that’s not going to be heard anytime soon, so why bother. I’ve got my own, wonderful life to live and never look back, except to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Good luck, dummy. #GMK

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  1. “It might create a false sense of power to have never been called to task for your wrongdoings, but, you can’t escape karma. Ever.”

    I have found that karma rewards people who have patience 😉

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