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Lopez Arrest

On the above date and time I had just finished a paid detail assignment and was returning to the Somerville Police Station in my own vehicle. My attention was drawn to a motor vehicle parked on Pearl St. in the area of Franklin St. The motor vehicle a 1999 Red BMW
bearing MA REG . Inside of the motor vehicle I observed a male driver and a female passenger. I would note that the area is an area well known due to its reputation realized via criminal activity including arrests of several violations of the controlled substance laws.

I parked my motor vehicle on Franklin St. while maintaining view of the motor vehicle. The vehicle remained parked there for approximately 5 minutes and then the vehicle began to travel East on Pearl St. I observed the vehicle turn left onto Florence St. I then proceeded to drive East on Pearl St. in my vehicle. As I was driving past Florence St. I observed the Red BMW pulled over approx 50 feet down the street on the right hand side. I further observed a male standing at the passenger’s side window. I would note that I did observe this same male walking down Pearl St. towards Florence St. just prior to the red BMW drive off from the parking spot. I parked my motor vehicle once again and maintained visual contact of the vehicle and the male standing outside of the vehicle. After they had a brief verbal exchange I observed the male that was standing outside the vehicle appear to pull a small object out of his pocket and reach into the vehicle. The male then placed his hand inside his jacket and walked off and departed the area. The vehicle immediately began to drive off heading down Florence St. Based on my training and experience, and the surveillance observations made I formed the opinion that the actions displayed by the defendants were consistent with individuals presently engaged in a street level drug transaction.

I was able to stop the male on foot on Pearl St. near the entrance to Aggie’s convenience store (at the intersection of Pearl St. and Franklin St.) who was later identified as Garrick Sanderson. I approached Sanderson and with my neck badge clearly displayed and asked to speak to him. I requested an additional marked unit to meet me and informed dispatch I was off with a suspicious person. Ofc. Cicerone who was working in uniform assigned to East 1 heard the radio transmission and asked if the male stopped was related to the vehicle that was queried by me a few minutes ago. He informed me that he had visual contact of the motor vehicle and asked if I need the vehicle stopped. Ofc. Cicerone was able to stop the motor vehicle at the intersection of Broadway and Mt. Vernon St.

While waiting for the additional officers to arrive I inquired about the defendants recent activity. When Sanderson was asked what he was doing, he stated he was just coming back from the store. I would note that Sanderson had a food box in his hand when I encountered him. I then began to search Sanderson and while doing so I felt a white paper bag rolled up inside his jacket pocket. The bag was a CVS pharmacy bag consistent with the bags given to customers upon filling a prescription. I opened the bag and observed a large quantity of white pills. Det. Duffy arrived at my location and Sanderson was read his Miranda rights. After telling Sanderson I had watched him at the car around the corner, he informed me (post Miranda) that he had met “that girl” and purchased some pills from her. I then asked him who she was and he informed me he only knows her as “Angie”. I then asked Sanderson what they were and he informed me Lorazepam. Sanderson further stated that he paid $60- for 30 pills and that he sold her the whole script. During this time Ofc. Soares arrived and I asked him to stay with Sanderson while I went to conduct a further investigation with the driver and passenger of the motor vehicle.

I then met Ofc. Cicerone on Broadway and he informed me that he observed the motor vehicle about to come out of Franklin St. and turn left onto Broadway. Ofc. Cicerone stated that when the driver saw him he then decided to take a right turn and drive East on Broadway. Ofc. Cicerone was able to catch up to the vehicle and stop the vehicle, MA REG , at the intersection of Broadway and Mt. Vernon St. (a public way in the city of Somerville). As he was engaging the driver and passenger he asked for identification from both of them. As the female passenger, later identified as Indalina Lopez, went to produce her ID she placed some money that was in the center console area into her bra. Ofc. Cicerone informed her to put the money back where it was. The male driver was identified as , the owner of the vehicle. During the search of the motor vehicle Ofc. Cicerone located a plastic CVS bag on the rear seat of the vehicle. Inside of this bag was an empty pill bottle from CVS pharmacy. The label on the pill bottle was for a prescription for “Indalina Lopez IC Lorazepam 1 MG Tablet Qty 30”. The label also indicated that the prescription was filled on 6/10/14. No other drugs were located inside of the motor vehicle.

Det. James Hyde also responded to assist at the motor vehicle stop. Det. Hyde read Lopez her Miranda rights and relayed the following to him- She had received a call from Garrick today. She didn’t know his last name and was a friend of a friend. She last spoke to him in February. She said that Garrick had requested to obtain 1 pill . She said that she recently left BMC and went to Rite Aid, picked up her script and went to her house in Medford. She took 3 pills with her for the long ride to Lexington. On the way she met Garrick to give him a pill, but she gave him 3 pills cuz she felt bad for him.

Both defendants were placed under arrest and were transported to the Somerville Police Station where they were booked by Lt. Rymill and informed of their rights.

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