Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Carneiro Arrest

On the above date and time, while assigned to the Gang/Anti-Crime Unit, Sgt. Whalen and I were assisting Ofc. Browne in the investigation of gang graffiti in the Mystic Housing
We entered Memorial Rd. and smelled a strong odor of freshly burnt Marijuana. This location is a notorious hangout for teens using Marijuana and alcohol. As we ascended the stairs we heard voices and the smell of Marijuana got stronger. The individuals fled onto the roof, across the roof and into an adjoining building. They exited the building and were detained outside Memorial Rd. We were in plain clothes with our badges clearly displayed and identified ourselves as the Somerville Police.
Recovered on the roof was one glassine ziploc bag with several individual glassine bags of Marijuana. A Polo deodorant stick with a removable top contained more individually wrapped glassine bags of Marijuana.
Mr. Carneiro was carrying a back pack as well as one of the teens. For officer safety, a search was conducted for weapons. Inside Mr. Carneiro’s backpack was a silver folding knife with a serrated edge, three and three quarter inches in length. He was placed under arrest for the above offence and transported to the Somerville Police station in marked unit 200. The two juveniles that were detained with Mr. Carneiro were identified, advised and sent on their way. Mr. Carneiro was issued a Trespass Order from the Mystic Housing Development from the Somerville Housing Police.
Search incident to arrest, at the booking window, Ofc. Ducasse recovered one sandwich bag with Marijuana. The weight was under one half ounce.
The knife was placed into evidence and the Marijuana will be sent for destruction.

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