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Agost Arrest

On Friday, June 13, 2014 I was assigned to marked unit West-7. At approximately 1:11 A.M., I was dispatched along with Officer Nardone (Sector West) to Broadway for a Family call. The dispatcher added that the Reporting Party wants her sister removed from the apartment.

Upon arrival I observed a white female later identified as Agosto, Jaclyn D.O.B 03/22/1989 with her 4 year old son standing outside the building. While interviewing Ms. Agosto, victim came outside and informed Officer Nardone that she was assaulted by her Jaclyn Agosto.

V2 stated that at approximately 1:05 A.M., she was in bed when Jaclyn Agosto came in and informed her that she was spending the night with them. V2 told her that she does not want to sleep in the same bed with her and she should leave. The two had a verbal argument, then Jaclyn Agosto decided to leave. As she was leaving, v1 asked her to leave her 4 year old son in the apartment because it was too late for him to be walking around and taking public transportation.

V2 saw v1 being assaulted and attempted to stop by standing between v2 and v1. Jaclyn Agosto then pulled her v2 ‘s hair, punched her in the chest and face area, the two continued to fight until witness1 broke up the fight.

I observed no marks or scars v2, I observed minor scratches on v1 right upper arm, and chest area.
It should be noted that v2 is four months pregnant.

I also observed scratches on Jaclyn Agosto (Defendant) in the chest area and left upper arm. Ms. Agosto also had bruises and scratches that appeared to be old and possibly from previous physical altercations, her son had a scab mark under his right eye. During the interview, Ms
. I advised all parties of their 209A rights.
I placed Ms. Agosto under arrest for A&B c265 S13A Domestic; she was transported to Somerville Police Station by the prisoner transport vehicle, Unit 200 and booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rooney.

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